Feb 22, 2012

Why did you put them on this morning?

yello! it's been quuite some time since i last updated my blog. always disliked those people who apologized for 'lack of updates' at the beginning of every post, but here i am, hypocrite extraordinaire, doing the same old thing. hahah. not quite sure what to blog about these days. without the help of helpful memes from Quaintly's old blog, i have nothing to help me when writer's block attacks. so here goes, a random compilation of thoughts and happenings in my uninteresting life:

1. finally my wisdom shows by the swollen fat gums of a baby wisdom tooth poking its head out. so far the side effects include being unable to open my jaws big enough for a tablespoon, unable to chew any solid food and can't yawn properly. That's bad news for a major yawner like me. No fear! I'm still chomping on all foods available. pain is nothing to me. *deeeep breaths*

2. kinda addicted to jogging lately. let's hope this works out. 

3. it was a bright and lovely morning. I finally managed to drag myself up for 8am class. It was wednesday. And the lecturer demanded that we submit assignment 2 & 3 on friday. such a lovely thing to do!

4. Went for Ghost Rider on Saturday night with daniel, evelyn, janvy and rufus. nicholas cage was nice, but the flaming skeleton who tried to act wasn't. do not waste your moneh. 

5. Actually loads more happened. but i can't bring myself to remember. Lack of sleep does this to you. waking up at 8am for 2 consecutive mornings have taken their toll on me. The brain doesn't work. and never will. have fun while i take a nap again! 

fat. and sleepy.

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