Feb 26, 2012

it doesn't matter.

amidst all the stress and emotions i've been facing lately, it's always a reason to celebrate whenever i get home.
the word to use for it would be.... "escape".
a time to unwind. and sleep early. and disconnect. and deplete the food storage. 
sometimes i wonder why i do the things that i do. which is a useless exercise on its own because i refuse to recognize the real reason behind my actions. revealing them would be too painful. and ugly. and excruciating.

time to take myself less seriously. 


anyway. life at home is kinda less serious. as normal as it gets. as irresponsible as it gets. 
and lazing a sunday afternoon away on the laptop with 30% assignment and 70% procrastination on fug nation is already the best there is. given my current condition. and how did it get better? it appears that there is a way. my permanently-blocked nose decided to be on its best behaviour this afternoon, allowing my favourite smell in the world to register in the brain. it took seconds, yes, but at least i became aware of it!

a moment of real happiness when the mental picture of mom making coffee appears in my mind. heheh
with coffee-maniac parents, it is hard not to be reminded of your favourite beverage. 

tea time!

a Western meal made the more appealing through words by Enid Blyton. Her books have inspired countless Malaysian kids, i tell you. Jam spread thickly on slices of bread, butter scraped over thin pieces of toast, not to mention "scones", that magic word Blyton seems to be so fond of. but i tried it. not to my taste. anyway, teatime has become just another reason for me to snack and fulfil my everlasting hunger pangs. bread and butter is such a luxurious commodity for a hostel-bound student without the very basic appliance of a fridge. might as well devour them while i can. and cheese! don't get me started on those comforting slices of heaven with a tinge of saltiness. 

haha i'm aware of my excessive use of bombastic words but anything, anything at all to get away from the real task that awaits--- packing, and getting to the five assignments fighting for my attention. "listen kids, i'll be right back with you, in 2 seconds, give mommy two seconds!"

urh. attention seeking horrors, assignments are. doesn't matter. 

so many birthdays and farewells and funerals and newborns and anniversaries. 

life goes on. 


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