Feb 1, 2012

hop hop limp.

hello! me just back from a Proper Decent Gigamegablastic CNY dinner at Marche with the VIPs! [definition of VIP: not a stranger, no lurker, and not a random dude.] megablastic indeed :D 
gonna regret the accumulated fats tho. 
Christmas came early! 11 months early, in fact. First I want to express my gratitude towards our dear Prime Minister for coming up with the idea of 1 Malaysia Book Vouchers for tertiary students. HEHEHE. very kiasu after finding out about this: 
Anyway according to eu jeen it's rm150 worth of vouchers, not rm100 like the poster said. but so many choices! just realized how big Borders is. the choices of books there were wayy more extensive than Popular too! but Borders doesn't have books by Ursula Le Guin in stock. too bad :S finally to try out books by Philip Pullman since it has always been reviewed highly, got the trilogy of His Dark Materials. hope it doesn't disappoint :D then chose a random pulitzer prize winning fiction by Jennifer Egan. I'm not very good at choosing books, mostly depending on reviews by others(I'm a fan of The Star's weekly book columnist Daphne Lee) and works by famous authors that i somehow took the courage to try out. Or perhaps just through word of mouth. but having friends who read voraciously are few and far between, so it's quite a solo adventure so far. so we were on the way to the Curve today and the topic turned to books. I'm really stoked to find out that i do actually have friends who love to read in uni! heheh. i've already knew that suzian likes to read la, but nico and bala? woots! 

For quite sometime, perhaps due to peer pressure or something, I've given up the habit of reading in public, preferring to keep it an activity for quiet afternoons. too many a time i'm reading and someone asks:"U reading ah?" or commenting: "Wah why you so hardworking?". it's a relaxing hobby, remember? hmmph. so anyway i kind of stopped bringing books out with me wherever I go, but one day on the bus to a volleyball tournament, i saw suzian pull out a book by Jodi Picoult! that reminded me of all things i've lost and missed just through this simple act. sometimes, staring out the window and listening to music just doesn't cut it. will membaca more. owh by the way i also bought The Hobbit! actually i got it years ago but someone who borrowed it from me lost it :(  i think i lost a few books the same way too. but missed The Hobbit dearly, so re-buying it was a great decision! profuse thanks to our dear minister again! 

still haz rm50 of the vouchers left. still considering buying the last book in the Inheritance trilogy or the LOTR complete set. or just splurging on moleskine planners. we shall seee. 

a couple moar random photos of what i've been up to lately :D 
luckily i've never considered architecture as a course. Who knew that architecture students have to go through so much shit to emerge on top? drawing 1024 lines without breaks with differing thicknesses on a piece of A4 paper every week? no thanks. now i see architecture students with new respect @.@ went with miao to draw houses freehand with the above graph thing. 

3 of the persons in my list of People I Hold Dear. 
CNY reunion dinners :)  
 POCKY! tenkew Gemma for them all the way from Nanjing :D how did you know i have perpetual cravings for them??? 
current addiction. Mainly due to the promise of Vitamin C's whitening properties. 
nothing spells Chinese New Year more than Pineapple tarts. these are really melt-in-the-mouth yummeh. 
Mass Comm Gathering Night iz tomorrow! Funny Hats is the theme this time round. heheh. going as dragon. 
Just as i was starting my scar-reducing regime, new wound! GAH. it's been at least 8 years since my knees were hurt. and hello 2012. don't worry i didn't fall flat on my face, just a slight bump on the volleyball court and voila! those cement courts were no joke. and it kept 'leaking juice' for hoursss. annoying things they were. stop bloody bleeding! 

to end my post on a happy note, 

 HAHA. can't wait to start devouring them. don't blame me if i MIA for a few days. books have an attraction that iz much more than facebook.

oh no we're NOT going there. no way.

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