Jan 17, 2012

if truth be told, i'm lying.

wonder how it feels like to float. unaided. just read an article about tourism in melbourne the other day. if i'm not mistaken. a hot air balloon ride in Yarra Valley with the whole experience of setting up the balloon, floating over the beautiful valley with vineyards etc will cost you around RM900. there're so many things that i'd like to do, but time is running short.  

had my first serious class of the semester today. monday's joke of a moral class doesn't count. the lecturer had to find a technician for his laptop who ran out of battery! "subjective means... not very objective". these stuff will go down in the hall of shame indeed. ngehehe. alright so back to the serious class. it's been a loong time since i've had a class that made me feel... intellectual. discussions that were taken seriously and thought about at length. still not decided over my major yet. journalism, advertising, public relations? wanted so badly to try out everything. limiting oneself to only one major will be such a waste. the very reason i chose inti in the first place is because i was undecided back then and wanted to give myself time to come to a decision. fast forward two years later and i'm still undecided. this is terrible. haha. there's still internship for me to get a taste of things? proooocraasstinaate. that'll do. 
a degree in journalism would open more doors. a degree in advertising learns more stuff. a degree in public relations seems kinda fun and a combination of things i like. the point is, i like too many things. (aagh thing is a weak word). rephrase: i'm interested in a variety of fields. how leh how leh. do drop me a word of advice when u see me or something. i'm trying to gather feedback from trusted and beloved family and friends ngehehe. 
so. it's a new year. and i'm not posting anything about new year resolutions. will crow about it when they're achieved. i hope. ambitious year, this one. 

success is simple. doing the right thing, in the right way, on the right time. 

viel gluck!

go listen to The Click Five's Mary Jane. that's a heart breaking song if i've ever heard one. 

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