Jan 27, 2012

when lightning strikes!

hahaha i went to bed last night with an overactive brain due to an overdose of coke i  believe. or tea. or the combination of both things. so i wasn't really asleep and the mind was boinging around in leaps and bounds, in opposite directions all at once. unbelievably i came up with a tongue twister. of all things. my last attempt at poetry was roughly......11 years ago. then i gave it up, crumpling my brown exercise book in an 'artistic fit' heheh. 

alright. so here goes. my first and final attempt at something resembling poetry.

ladies and gentlemen, i present:  

hahahahhahaha. thanks for your time. i know this post kinda sucked hahaha. gotta go, cny ongoing  :D


  1. LOL! That's an interesting one.

  2. Reading ur blog makes me laugh out loud dear.
    Haha enjoy ur life kaiz! :)