Jan 24, 2012

its new yeh.

time to be all materialistic and crave for new things. just cravings, mind you. since there's no conceivable way they gonna appear in  my possession anyway.

candy keyboard! imagine them all melting in the heat and sticking to your fingers ngehehehe. or maybe a swarm of ants making themselves right at home crawling among the sweets. yesh thats a nice thought. 

wheee. did i mention my love for manicures? i wonder how they did this. must be those stick on stuff. no way someone can paint this on the nails. hmmm. 

me want puggs! its a cat or a pug for me. no other dogs will do. and this one so fat too! yummeh. 

i want this every morning. with the tea and biscuit supplied. basically due to obvious reasons that i can't be bothered to get up and make my own tea. or coffee. which one should i chose? 
*pours tea away*

ooooh. pockies. obsession from years ago. perhaps still ongoing. get me pocky as souvenir and i'll be forever satiated. no more salivating. so much more flavours i haven't tried out! hokkaido melons, matcha, pumpkin, etc etc etc. be kind, people. 

now, now, now. i seriously need this. not sure whether it will help me in my quest to mellow my temper for this year, but i sure hope it contributes. kinda bad mood at the moment. there are certain stuff that you get even more pissed at when you know that you have no right to be pissed at. so there. 
 wee wang wang! hello kitty shirt. this is not really an obsession. more like, snacking lol. hello kitty is cute. end of story.

so many things to do, that i want to do, that i shouldn't do, that i have to do, that i should've done. for example, give up this laptop to grace and go to sleep. heheh.

this is one angry post with dark undertones. yes it is. hahaha. ignore me if you didn't get it.

alright. me keeping calm and me carrying on.

good nait people ♥

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