Jan 12, 2012

excessive smiles.

the crash is here. so many things happened in these few days. it's been... 15 days since i last blogged.
many memorable stuff happening. so much that i feel like writing them down as they happened. the heart is willing but the arm is weak. deteriorating muscles from lack of use, you see. the pen is also running out of ink. not enough paper too. the trees must be saved. such unhappy are the circumstances that i'm forced to come here and type cold black letters onscreen, publishing them to strangers worldwide.
for sure one day i'm going to look back and regret recording these happenings. or maybe i'm going to forget about them altogether and there's only myself to blame for letting these sculptures fade away. acid rain works much in the same way as time, doesn't it? dulling the sharp pain, fogging the lustre, washes everything away, leaving nothing in its wake.
natural disasters, they are.
a healthy heart needs lots of exercise. up and downs. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, ain't it?
i guess my heart is in..... good condition. happening days these were.

p.s: grammar mangling beyond repair. forgive me.

talking in riddles and weird language have become second nature. just can't... bring myself to bare all, yet this is the best i can do under the displeasing circumstances, yes?

there is, a certain therapeutic quality about doing things alone. for example, walking home alone in the dark.

chinese new year is approaching! the week after the next, to be slightly more exact.  time for some chinesy stuff: yee sang!
the lovely chinese dish of sashimi and assorted stuff meant to be tossed with chopsticks together with a bunch of friends and family and uttering well-wishes for the coming year has never been so enticing to me before. until i found out sushi king's version. what's not to love about this dish comprising of sashimi, jellyfish, scallops, and various other yummeh ingredients? all at a very affordable price too. go on, you won't regret trying this out.
and i'm freaking tanned now. hitam.
 there's no way i can regain my fair skin(not that i've been much of a fair person before, but still.) before CNY. brace yourselves for a barrage of tan comments, melanin. i hope you enjoy it. 

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