Jan 24, 2012

chainis niu yeh

hello boys and girls, its the year of the water dragon! no idea what it means but so far i've seen plenty of never-seen-before rain during CNY. for the first time i've managed to get out of the ritual of staying at  the family friend's house on CNY eve watching china countdown shows! hehe went yamcha with uni mates..hohoho! huge thanks to hao siang for picking me up. we went to kangkar baru to watch fireworks. in the rain.

the fireworks there are supposed to be really chun cause its a tiny place and its a tradition for all the triads to put on crazy fireworks on the eve. So loads of people gather at the main street and watch the big fat fireworks explode one after another right on top of their heads. cool. but there's a heavy rain this year (first time according to them. must be me). that didn't dampen the crowd's enthusiasm though, everyone whipped out umbrellas and continued the show! soaking their cameras too. woww..

hmm. so i found out 3 things. 
1. i'm officially addicted to facebook. 
ever since i left home, during the 3 hour journey, when i reached my destination, hours after i realized that there is no wifi in my uncle's house. 80% of my mind is on facebook. this iz sed. i even contemplated stealing the car to go some cafe for free wifi.

2. the world is freaking small. my coursemate (yling) actually visited the house next to mine all the time. cause its her grandma's house. so we had been practically staying next to each other all these years, every CNY, for 21 yearssssss,.
but i didn't know it. 

3. my dad. mr. koh mot chong, was actually a percussionist in his high school days!!!! woah. 21 years, and now only we found out through his friends' photo albums. even MOM found out the same time as us. this is unbelievable. so that's where bro got his rhythm from. :D

and a lot more news and updates about my cousins and stuff. i didn't know that the koh family tree is so big and fat. its weird but this is the year that i've met the most relatives. usually my cousins wont be around for the new year, with their own families and all, so when i met them this year i'm like uhh... ahhh.... hello. nice to meetcha. and my cousins' kids (who are practically my age!) get really good results in UEC! (10 A1s, anyone? 4 top ten??) wow. i'm proud. lol. i sound like some asian mom now. hahahahahah. at the same time ashamed of my own results. eegh. 

as usual. had reunion dinner, went for yamcha, stole wifi, facebooked, visited relatives, got ang paus, ate, ate, ate.
we teochews make the best duck in town! the very bestt.

and yes! bowling. i'm officially the worst at bowling in my family. 

and my dress for day 2. got it at the chiang mai night market. hehehe. not much shopping for new clothes this year. dead broke after bangkok anyway. go green! recycle clothes ngehehe. looking fat.
sis got herself a cheongsam! and i looked like some waitress wearing one.

hoho and say hello to yling. she brought me for a spin on her scooter! riding motorbikes in those small towns are always fun. bought firecrackers too. we shall wait and see. heheh. inti is in need of another fire drill. 


 it's been. 9 years since i played firecrackers. tis' a matter to be mourned! 

heading back to kl tomorrow! bro learnt how to pick coconuts this year. i learnt how to give directions in yong peng. believe me this place is a maze, kampong style. can't wait to meet up with the rest of them.

have a happening new year to the rest of ya :]

p.s: how do you like the new header? valentine's coming soon!

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