Jan 30, 2012

Pangkorr ♥

hoho. here comes a big fat blog post, stuffed full of photos. i'm in the midst of a blown out war with the ants in my room right now. tiny blighters who appear out of nowhere. i don't even keep food in my room. i wonder from where they came from and of all places, WHY my room. i've heard that chalk works. shall try to add that to my arsenal of weapons. alright back to this post. heheh. yet another trip to the beach with my crazy volleyball mates. this time we chose to go pangkor island, mainly because that's bryant's hometown. we drove to the pier and on the way decided to have famous wantan noodles in bidor and also visit the hot springs at sungkai. no photos of the wantan mee though, cause i was still sleepy and the waitress's attitude was really unfriendly. bad experience so i wouldn't burden you with the details heheh.

onwards to sungkai hot springs park!
laden with towels, bags, sunglasses. it was rm12 per entry for adults, i think. 
took a 'bus' from the ticketing counter to the actual hot spring pool. actually it was a very short distance, around 4 minutes on the bus, which was trundling along slowly. more like sightseeing in a zoo. imagine our excitement when we reached the place and saw this!
too bad the water in this pool wasn't from the hotsprings, its just normal cool water with fountains and waterslides etc. perhaps for the kiddies who can't take the heat from the hot springs to enjoy. this isn't the place for us 'adults' to berendam air yet, so everyone changed into hot springs gear and started another short distance towards the hot springs pool.

passed by the egg boiling pond. a part of the pool reached 100 degrees celcius. there's a stall nearby selling eggs for those who wanna boil eggs in the pool. hao siang just bought mineral water :( should've brought eggs along. 
as you can see, the pond kinda stinked. smell of sulphur? not too sure.
another part of the pond reached 50 degrees celcius. for those hardcore hot springs fans to enjoy. not us though. there was steam rising slowly from the heat! when we passed by much later there was an uncle sitting there with his feet in this pond. whoaa.

this, is ours:
me being camera girl for the day. chris also bought a water-proof pouch for his iphone so he contributed quite a lot of water photos too! also, holding a camera in your hands basically means an insurance against water splashing incidents :D
the guys and their 'egg-boiling' challenge. that part of the pool was wayy hotter and they basically sit and boil  eggs till whoever can't stand it anymore and stands up. if the shoulders appear above water, that guy loses. men and their macho-ness. hahah

finally all couldn't tahan anymore. got these pots of ice cold water by the pool to chill off those who over heated from the hot springs lol... whoosh. 
time to head to the kiddy pool!
listening to iphone underwater hahah.
so fun! but lots of injuries on these slides. knocks and scratches on the back, bruises on the chin, etc. maybe it wasn't meant for adults afterall hehehe. we kept creating new games to play, such as climbing challenge where someone at the top will push you down, or posing challenge to travel the slide with the best pose etc. rex fell on his face at the posing challenge HAHAH
spritzer advertisement lol. but i just noticed those two behind there. not sure what they plotting. 
boommates foreva!
artistic attempt for the bokeh of the sunlight on the glittering water. failed. but nice tropical dandelions 8D
liz, suz and bunbun~ limited girls on the trip :(
sudden attack on sien han. 
group picture by yours truly. thought of volleyball club's first trip back then to port dickson. just 9 of us and now so much people hahaha. 19 in total. i'm glad to have all these new friends, but kinda missed the old gang. 

continued our journey towards the pier, but kept doing other stuff such as stopping by petrol stations, going to Giant to buy snacks, then going to Tesco to buy alcohol... ... interesting detours. so by the time we reached the jetty, it was already 5 in the evening. we left at 5 in the morning!!! 12 hours wooots. procrastination level 1000. 
spotted my kampong! heheheh. not really but its the place where the famous garlic chili sauce is produced i think. always wondered where is it since it has my surname on it :P took many attempts with my camera phone to capture this!

finally reached pangkor itself at 6pm! they went off to get the rented  motorbikes and cars and while we went to the house bryant rented for us. they had a barbeque for dinner that night while i practically slept through it. i think i passed out after shower hahaha. i vaguely remembered alot of people shouting at me to wake up but i just couldn't fathom why. lol another testament to my sleeping skills. so i woke up around the time everyone finished barbequeing and there were a lot of nice chicken wings leftovers and stuff. so its good timing actually. so im all wide awake after the long nap and dinner. so forced them to teach me how to ride a motorcyle. it's quite easy actually WAHAHAHAHA. thank you sien han :D after that went to the beach and berempit-rempit abit. it's all very exciting for me cause it's the second time i've been on a motorcycle. and the first time was 10 years ago with my dad. although my dad's kampong is those places where even 12 year old kids ride motorbikes, he won't let us ride one ever since bro got into an accident when he was learning motorcycling years ago #longstory so basically i'm really hyped to have fun with bikes at pangkor! played King's Cup after that..... alcohol loaded night. no photos of the night! bleh. 

so here's the second day:
exciting boat ride and tour by uncle poh! visited islands where celebrities had weddings and where tiger woods stayed etc.
also saw interesting rock formations along the islands such as this one. the apple that inspired steve jobs hahah. 
uncle also got a couple of fresh mussels for us to try. you can't get em' any fresher than this :9
snorkelling spot!!
likes this pic a lot. bunbun and sing han look like snorkelling bandits.
ever camera ready suzian. 
the circle which took FOREVER to form. they wanted to form a circle and then put bread in the middle for all to see. but at the end exactly zero fishes entered their lame circle hahahah
ah heng, jun, and gordon. 
our one and only complete group photo of the trip! 
lol. and only photo with volleyball during the whole trip. our photos don't look like volleyball club trip, more like adventure club trip or something. this iz sed. but then the house where we stayed in was in town area, so its a distance to the beach, plus the beach near where we stayed don't have beach volleyball net #excuses
it's time to brush up on beach volleyball skills lah!!! 
compulsory jump shot! taken by me too heheh. i just noticed the lack of me in most of the photos :( notice that yellow cone in the background. actually the boat tour uncle dropped us off at this nice beach with lots of games such as banana boat, kayaking, stuff like that. at the beginning none of us were willing to pay for all the games. but we had around 3 hours to spend at the beach at the afternoon. we were lazing in the shade, watching the stray cats stalk the mineral water, looking at the glittering sea right in front of us, luring us in.......................  finally everyone couldn't resist the temptation anymore and jumped right in the fun :D the final sum came up to rm29 each. rm39 for those who played banana boat...
trying to laze. this picture would've been better if there were hot bikini girls in the background. but i think those cute old ladies make a nice contrast too :)
trampoline thing to launch ourselves(and annoying others) into water.
this cone. i just climbed right up without thinking of the consequences. and you have to jump right off it at the top. when i reached the top, (it's not often i get oh shit moments with these games but at this one, i did) i really didn't know what to do. the top of the cone is this round rubber thing filled with air, and it is impossible to stand properly on top. unbelievably i managed to half jump and half cannonball off the thing! phewww. 
ze kai sprained his leg in the attempt though :/
kayaking~! but currents in the ocean were kinda weird. every single kayak kept going around in circles until we just died from exhaustion. there were sotongs where we kayaked! big fat yummy looking ones. 
after that we also played some water sport called the flying fish. its a bit like 3 banana boats connected together and 3 ppl lying down on the banana boats each holding on for dear life while the speedboat drags you at top speed. many of the guys almost lost their pants in the process! some just let go and drifted in the sea, forever alone..
no joke. the boat kept going in scary angles :D


and this! uncle poh went diving and got us this sea urchin! first time holding sea urchin babeh!
kinda tickly though. if you look closely, you can see that in some photos, the sea urchin just .... ... deflated. poor thing. it perked up again when we put it in water~

more berempit in the night~ went for a night tour of pangkor by motorcycling along the coastline. it was dark, cold, and exciting! sien han's motor even ran out of petrol, and all thanks to hao siang the Abang Motor who revived it in the end :D initially we were supposed to go to a pier for star-gazing and then find something called blue tears. some kind of blue phosphorus in the sea which is lovely by night. although the sky was full of stormy clouds that night, we managed to find some of them! really pretty and fat hunks of em' :) so lucky~ finally stopped for yamcha and headed back. i noticed that many tourists in pangkor were kind of..... trusting. walking along the dark road in the night with at least 3 kilometres to the next sign of civilization? not me. moar alcohol games and Truth/Dare games. interesting.......

did i mention that motorcycling is a huge part of our trip? this helmet so cute la! i think this particular type of helmets weren't allowed in kl for safety purposes. doesn't really serve its purpose i think. hahaha. but it looks nice. vespa like :)
3rd day. at pier. time to head back! was supposed to go swim in the early morning, but everyone just about passed out from fatigue and some with injuries so the plan was nixed. visited some temple where nian fong made the funniest comment of the trip. "is this CF?" #insidestory
photo sessionss. clockwise from top left: justin, ah heng, wee yao, sing han, jun, hao siang with the pouty expression, nian fong, suz, mei yee (first time on a trip with us!!!) and me :D
One Pangkor! whee~ i laughed so hard when i saw that 1 malaysia thing. i'm not sure whether pangkorians are proud of that landmark or not. HAHA. 
moar group pichas on the boat. moar 'sexy and i know it' poses with 1 Pangkor :D
moar kiddy poses on water taxi.
moar 'sexy and i know it the whole world knows it' poses with 1 Pangkor. 
five words:  "i don't know this guy."
heheh. moar photos of me :D

drove for miles. 
decided to stop by the paddy fields to take moar photos~ i think it's my first time at a paddy field. :O 
the girls minus me :(
jun, wee yao, me, ze kai :]
a picture that says one word. 
very not ngam with the background. hahah.
moar camwhoring while the guys were discussing what poses they wanna make. DSLRs make no easy camwhoring :/
so this is what they came up with. not bad, not bad indeed! 
time for iphone camwhoring!!
WHEEE~! i made a mistake. this was another complete group photo! the wonders of self timer :DD cheesy as it sounds, but friendship forever yeah!

in all, i was kinda worried about the budgeting in the beginning as we seemed to spend recklessly, buying alcohol as if its tax-free (we forgot that we are not going to a duty free place haha), and driving by useless looking routes, wasting a lot of toll money in the process. but at the end everything worked out well, and we had a lot of fun! :D all thanks to bryant for being the best host ever and introducing us to this very interesting place. if truth be told, the sea at tioman and redang are way nicer with more variety of fishes and corals, but pangkor has its own charm too! unforgettable trip with lots of moments that weren't captured on camera :( hope my brain retains em' memories well enough :D

next trip: REDANGGGG ♥