Dec 10, 2011

travel fever...

realised that i do like to blog under pressure. or stress. or just wanna find something else to do, other than studying. finals. almost panic mode. says to heart: "all iz well... all iz well...."

anyway, forgot to blog about the penang and ipoh road trip last mid-term break! forgive me for my travel fever. you know how psychologists will ask you to close your eyes and imagine a safe and warm and lovely place? for me, travelling is that place hahah. so now im under extreme stress, of course will think about penang lah! not penang la, basically.... travelling. T.T The sun, the car, the friends, the flip flops.... hehe. 

so. we went on a random road trip. the day before they went to visit sandra in malacca (also pick her up), then after they came to pick me and continued on our way up north :D so for me thats when the trip really started~ 

first stop. shaarmen's hometown----- IPOH! i called Jason the first thing we reached, and he said: "you know what? we are heading to setiawan for seafood right this minute." =.=

man do college students love their food or what. 

below pictures all by lame blackberry cameras. we didn't have a camera with us for the whole trip. D:
Foh San.
thick-skinned dimsums..
pretty looking milk almond pudding.
the only good point of Foh San is that they kinda come up with lots of innovative stuff. new foods, so to say.
but this didn't really work for me. 
deepavali dishes. see no cutlery! my first time eating with fingers. fail malaysian. 
floe, sandra, and the host! (who brought us to that bad dimsum place) lucky for you that your mom cooks great food :D

then Gilbert came:
he bought us to another makan place. 'big tree' i think. too bad we're wayy too full with ipoh tau foo fah by that time, couldn't eat the famous food there. we had cendol though. not bad :DD

finally shaarmen couldn't resist and decided to come along penang with us. so we went back to his house, packed, and yeshhh we have another driver!
which leaves me with lots of time to camwhore. (i like that hat. it hides my roots.)

Ipoh is a pretty place. should have a trip dedicated to it soon, not as a rest-stop to penang. 

the gps decided to throw a tantrum and we lost our way :( after hours in the rain and the traffic jam.. we managed to reach the hotel. Heritage 1926 i think. clean place. cheap too. alright for backpackers.
complete with creepy hallways.
and here's viiter~
he's on internship, so its been awhile since we met up :( its raining, so no hawker food for us. this place is.. James Foo Western. i think. we hated that place cause we kept driving past it in circles when we got lost earlier. hahah. nice western food, steaks and all. 

the anti-social blackberry users with my fish.
to straits quay!
Berlin Bierhouse. cheers!
this is not a rigged photo. floe managed to achieve this impossibility in her beer fog. had fun with viiter's friends. we lost to them in pool AND in darts. freaking sad. so had to crawl under the pool table as punishment. i hope those videos don't find their way on facebook.

Day 2:
cheese ice cream.

since none of us really knew where to go and no native penangites can bring us about, we had to wander around senselessly. finally headed to Queensbay Mall. to a shopping centre. in penang. of all places :(  also frantically planning floe's birthday the whole day. 

finally, we went to a 'penang place' for the night. plans almost screwed by the pouring rain. Batu Ferringhi Beach! didn't know that they had such a nice night market there. bought our "LOVE PENANG" shirts there, with the help of viiter's friend who haggled for me in hokkien to the hawker. went to Hard Rock Penang, but no seats left, alfred, sandra's friend from penang inti was free for the evening so we managed to meet up in Batu Ferringhi. checked out a few beach pubs, (Sunset Bistro seems a nice place! will check it out next time) finally decided on Sixty-9ine Mansion. really cool place with indoor and outdoor areas. the indoor clubbing area had huge disco balls larger than me hanging around, huge chairs, kinda disorienting and crazy. then there's a pool in the middle of it all, connecting to an outdoor area where people can chose to sit IN a shallow pool, chill by the beach, or just a pretty cool VIP-like area with comfy sofas looking over the whole scene. There's a whole curving wall of heineken bottles, crazy lighting, lounge chairs right on the pool, (haha finally kennot tahan i went to google some photos of the place. thanks to this guy who took photos of the place.)

lounge chairs on the pool. we sat behind in the shallow pool area.
that night lots of guys went crazy, started diving into the pool again and again.
some german tourists also kept having diving challenges. funny to see them goading their friends to be 'macho' hahah..
birthday girl! (with katrina)
plan succeed! cream in the face haha.
clockwise from left: sandra, me, shaarmen, alfred(thanks for the cake!), and floee. 
we enjoyed the night, chilling in the water. haha. but people with rheumatism shouldn't sit in that area. the table behind us got drunk i think and a girl kept pushing all of her friends into the water, splashing those surrounding them (namely, us) enthusiastically. advisable to bring towels and change of outfit if anyone wanna hang out there. that's what those 'divers' did. they came all equipped with gear to change and shower. semangat! 

slept real late. woke up reasonably early. managed to get my favourite apom pancake at the coffeeshop! :D we also advertised our 'touristy' status by wearing our penang shirts..kinda regretted the decision. you can practically see money signs light up in those hawker's eyes.
 last meal in penang. 

GUESS WHAT. spotted angela and yi ran in the crowd. WE FORGOT THAT THEY'RE FROM PENANG. and there we go, 4 people out of town bumbling around going lost eating random food. AAAGH. and they're from bukit mertajam!! which is exactly where we wanted to go for duck noodles and stuff recommended by andrew but no one knew how to go and the timing wasn't right etc. dangg. and yi ran has a kickass camera too. so this is the only decent photo of the trip haha. will dig u guys out, if there's a next time :) 

so that concludes our messy impromptu road trip up north last october. hehe. it was the fourth time i went there for this year, and all i can say is, its a different experience with different people. 
the first time with ex-bandmates, we had herng to bring us around and mostly we did sight-seeing. 
the second and third time is to basically visit sis-in-law's family, and ALL WE DID WAS EAT. YUMS. 
and now with uni mates? shopping, clubbing, syok-sendiri-ing. 

different, indeed. but nice in their own ways. 

p/s: finished a paper today! better than i expected, not enough time to write tho. realised that journalism is not for me. not as a major, at least. 
WISH ME LUCK FOR LAW LATER. can't believe how all you law students do it. law annoys me. 

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