Dec 24, 2011


it's officially Christmas! happy birthday to keith too! may you continue to grow in Christ and get better at your drumms. so sad that you guys can't be with us tonight. celebrated christmas at church as always with a Christmas service and dinner. spent the time playing games and making balloon sculptures for the kids. I MUST MUST MUST remember to save more moneh to buy presents for everyone next year. MUST. hilarious present highlights: chiyan's paper  canon 600D, and grace's giving out McD chili sauce left and right. since some photos are already up on fb, shall post em' here hehehe. (the life of a blogger without a camera T.T reduced to stealing photos off facebook. how sad iz that)

CAMP 2 of the month: sometimes i think my youth haz the awesomest camps ever. like seriously. (forgive my misuse of the word but that's like the only word i can use to describe the camp) i'm really glad for making it to the camp cause initially there's no transport and i'd be going a day later but then God arranged Rach's finals to end on tuesday too so all iz well and we made it on the second day. AND HAD LOADSS OF FUN. must have another camp next year.  
cap'n Jack Sparrow at your service. with sidekicks Lotso & Bat Aunty.
 borrowed the Pirate Hat from Shugan, white shirt from mom, vest from Zara, leather belt from Padini rm5 sale HAHAHA and random black shorts. also i wore rubber boots cause no way i can wear leather boots at the mud in Broga. owh and massive amounts of eyeliner from the Bat Aunty! didn't really plan for the outfit though, just pieced everything together from my existing wardrobe. also, i had to pucker my lips the whole night to create that Jack Sparrow's thin-faced look. my normal round face can't achieve his expression. too bad i didn't pay much attention to his gait in the movies, would've been a much more convincing Captain. oh wells, next time then!
chiii yaaaan! beloved fellow Mark member. we made it through oh yeah.
taken before group photo session i think. paiseh ah no photos of those extreme games .. yet. 
self-explanatory lol. 
nice to meetcha, mr. red. was kinda skeptical when they planned the costume Night of Heroes & Villains in the camp itinerary. We Malaysians wouldn't really dress up for the event, right?? haha but everyone proved me wrong when the excitement built up over the weeks to the camp and they started discussing and planning their outfits in earnest. good job, guys! :D
bersemangatly made christmas x birthday cupcakes for eunice! the icing was too watery. i think. 
day of shopping with the freeks. started loving chunky jewelry after reading Julia's blog. make or break an outfit indeed.  
antipodean. Banana bread with cream cheese and honey, I SHALL HUNT YOU DOWN. SOMEDAY.

kiwi lamb burger. yums. 

2011 is drawing to a close, and hugely enjoying my semester break so far. camps, outings, lots of catching up to do. the picture above is self-explanatory too. didn't realize that i had been cooped up in a cave and stressed to the max. breathing has gotten easier, the air has gotten sweeter, the bed is softer lol. heading to leaders' retreat tomorrow morning! can't wait for the cold air to hit my lungs. before checking in the hotel, dad has huge plans to visit the durian orchard hahaha. hope my sore throat gets well soon. so many durians waiting for me yet i can't taste em', what a waste and insult to the king of fruits!

may the next remaining 2 weeks to my semester break be as lovely as possible. gonna have an offline lifestyle so see u guys 3 days later! 

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  1. Wow! You guys are serious with the costumes!!! PRO!!! *Thumbs up!*