Dec 1, 2011

December 1st. World AIDS Day.

everyone haz been talking to december on facebook. this is weird. i've never had the urge to have conversations with different months. why start now? so. today is the first day of december. and i have to say the cliched line of 'oh gawsh time flies!' wow. where did 2011 go? looking at my list of resolutions, i think. i failed a lot of them. like... ALL of them? haih.

let's see.

1. studies: maintain a CGPA of 3.8.
i'm not sure yet, the results aren't out but most probably...

2. health: sleep early.
GAH. the fluorescent light in my room working overtime can testify against me in court.

3. monehh: save rm20 per week.
i do manage to save them during weekdays and when weekends arrive, i go deep into debt. jois koh you need to evaluate yourself. seriously. financial rehab or something. or just get a job, like a real person should.

4. fun: join the Semester-Abroad-Programme and go Turkey.
no can do sir, financial difficulties. no wan use family moneh for personal fun. shall consider work and travel instead.

5. personal challenge: climb Mt. Kinabalu within the year.
HAHAH. it's already december. but there're plans for a trip next year. WE SHALL SEE.

but then again, i did some stuff that were unexpected for the year! won't share it here heheh.

oops. where was i? now i remember. it's december. first of december. world aids day. i'm not one of those persons who go around remembering 'EH today is what-what day' and follow the trend. like 11-11-2011, it was actually Pocky Day, where those who are still single eat pocky and that's it. #truestory (btw pocky is actually called 'rocky' only in malaysia its not a spelling mistake)

and maybe 1st of May is Labour Day. that's it.

however, studying PR this semester has opened my eyes to certain stuff and i realize that sometimes, the lengths PR people go to has not only stopped at festivals and celebrations. 'DAYS' have become another publicity tool. #salute
so, been doing assignment on Project (RED). If you're a fan of converse like me then you will find out that they have (RED) sneakers.

Product (RED) works this way:

create (RED) product -- consumer buys product -- certain % of profit goes to Fight Against Aids.
and its a beautiful project so far. impressive PR stunts such as Bono and Oprah stepping out in a red convertible on a shopping street painted ALL in red, having sold out charity concerts of (RED), Apple with their (RED) nanos, lovely ways to raise awareness about HIV and letting consumers spend with a conscience. haih. people, if you really wanna help out just donate bah. but i'm willing to give this model of 'charity+marketing' the benefit of the doubt. but sometimes i get the vibes that actually Project (RED) has given those collaborating companies such as Apple, Nike, Gap, Converse, Armani, Motorola, Starbucks, Dell and many more even more benefits and exposure than the actual poor kids in Africa suffering from HIV.

but i digress. read more at they aim to create an aids-free generation in 2015 with a new type of pills which actually allows a mom infected with HIV to give birth to a baby which is HIV-free! go watch the movie called The Lazarus Effect on youtube. it's heartening to finally see some breakthrough in the field of AIDS.

oops. i digress. again. alright. so today is World Aids Day and i love this idea of making famous landmarks different. its one of the best PR stunts ever. like the Earth Hour thing, but wayy nicer.

Table Mountain in Cape Town!
Empire State Building, NY!
City Hall, San Francisco. how i wish our MPSJ can look that nice too.
The London Eye. I-City anyone?
no introductions needed hahaha
JESUS in Rio
well well well. Project (RED) has indeed managed to make the fight against HIV much more 'cooler'. But fighting HIV isn't about 'ohyeah so i'll buy that freaking expensive red thing' or 'okla donate some money'.

read about it. pray about it. take action.

make the day count. HIV is no joke, and neither are you.

Are you?

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