Dec 8, 2011

blue. turquoise. cerulean. azure. marine. sapphire. whatever you want to call it.

i don't care. all thanks to airasia's 10 cent airfare promotion, all i have in my head right now is the emerald rainforests of Sarawak, the grey Mt. Kinabalu of Sabah, and the lovely blue seas of East Malaysia's islands. last night happened to be the night where airasia began accepting online bookings for the 10 cents fare and all went crazy. floe spent half the night convincing us to visit sarawak with her. at first i wasn't really interested since i had visited sarawak before. but when sandra mentioned the Rainforest World Music Festival was when i'm sold. damnit i wanna go!!! 

then remember my resolution for 2011 i mentioned in the previous posts? what is a better time to fulfil it next year? so i started bugging the volleyball people to go with me. sadly by the time everyone was all excited and confirmed attendance, all the cheap fares were grabbed. plus i had to thread carefully around the dates of finals, semester breaks, internships, timetabling...... emotional roller-coaster lol. 

but anyway, at the end the rwmf trip in july 2012 didn't work out. the fares turned into rm113 from rm0.10. 
emoes. can't afford so many trips anyway. and i heard about the sports team camp 2012 gonna be a trip to conquer Mt. Kinabalu, so that's another trip cancelled. luckily my lovely volleyball comrades didn't abandon me in our universal quest for fun. so we decided to go sipadan instead and screw the cheap fares. YEAH I LOVE THEM. so that is how i came to be ocean drunk in the middle of my self-imposed study week. images of rainforests go away! now all i can think of is the various amazing shades of blue in the ocean, the softly rocking motion of the sea, the bitter saltiness of the water, the warmth of the sun sparkling, the never-ending breeze, the baby-powder soft sand........ 

and we're going to pangkor next month! volleyball club rocks. yes we do. 

so to satiate my thirst for the beach and the sun and the surf and the islands, i'm going to stuff this post chockful of blue pictures. hehe. no it's not the smurfs or anything like that. this kind of blue is the blue. THE BLUE!!

which way to sydney?

of course, not to forget my mission. gunung kinabalu, i WILL see u next year :)

come to think of it, this year i've just made trips all over West Malaysia. next year gonna be a year of Hello East Malaysia! can't wait can't wait can't wait.

And here are a bunch of videos that you must watch. and if you have free time go watch more of their videos on youtube. more and more injections of adventure longing in your veins. not only that. the hunger for better camera equipment and video editing skills gets more too. sighh.

but..............................before all that, hello, finals.

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