Dec 4, 2011

and harry speaks:

alright. hi guys the hedgehog iz back! not that i want to, don't get me wrong. I'm not excited over this comeback. been enjoying the extended holiday for so long, dust has gathered on my prickles. hiberrrrnation. heheh.

so, the reason for my awakening? (now i sound like some ancient dragon or kraken, stirred from a deep sleep that lasted centuries, bringing despair and destruction, striking fear into the peasants' hearts, making them hide their children and livestock, fleeing from the impending doom that awaits them. alright enough of that crap)

joyseet. has sunk into a depression so deep and dark, even the kraken hides from her. a fat black thundercloud floats behind her everywhere she drags herself to, like a black slug. there is no joy in her face. in her eyes. in her words. she takes no joy in her food. in her music. in her sleep.

things like this don't happen often. she is named joyce or merry for a reason. and the reason is no more. should we nominate a change of name? slug sounds fine. or emorella. i will draft a proposal and force her to pick either one.

i am proud that my years of hiberrrnation has not dulled my expertly sharp skills of rambling. and i hope that you, dear reader, got my drift:

to put it simply, "joyce. is. sad."

what can i say but that my partner is someone with very bad emotional management skills. her years of hibernation did not have the same effect as it did on me. i turned out well rounded, a holistic hedgehog in all manners as the neighbors and potential in-laws would approve of, in all, a professional.

but on the other hand, we have merry. bad tempered. touchy. can't take any criticism. at all. impatient. pride bigger than texas. doesn't live up to her name. mood fluctuations that resemble the stock market. sometimes i don't know why i associate my jolly self with this... natural disaster.

i have seen this coming for a long time. the calm before the storm. the fun before the flood. the party before the hour.

and the hour, is upon us.

her story is hers to tell. just, remember this:

get up, stop the tantrum, face the fact that you actually suck. tomorrow will be a better day. so long you pass up your last assignment, that is.

it ain't ayverriting!

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