Dec 19, 2011

1 hour and 22 minutes to go

didn't really have the mood to blog, but now sitting alone in a cafe waiting for rachel to finish her exams so that we can go broga for youth camp together :D life at UTAR seems alright, isn't as congested as i thought, perhaps its the finals? had been MIA-ing for quite awhile. life during finals was terrible, and straight after that was a flurry of stuff (grace's birthday, this and that, OA camp, youth camp, leaders' retreat camp, not to mention CHRISTMAS!) so not gonna online that much. better update something in this blog before it goes to the dogs. 

just realised that i have looads of red stuff in my wardrobe. CNY iz coming :D love my red ballet flats (only rm10!)
how long has it been since you last used a public pay phone? found this at my hostel block. i don't think i've ever seen anyone using that phone there. its now more like a ... shelf. 
decided to take the cutout of cedric everywhere. cedric's an exchange student from france who came to inti for the semester and joined volleyball club. have a safe flight and see you in paris! :)
ais-kacang never goes wrong.  
can't resist half boiled eggs in noodles. with spicy sambal. every time. 
spelling hedghog with a "K"! WAHAHAHA
go get your subway calendar with any purchase of rm30 and above! year-long vouchers to fulfill your subway cravings :D 
decided to get myself a clock for my room at inti. IKEA clocks are so freaking cheap. rm2 per clock i think. but look too plain lah. hehe so here goes project clock redesign!
the end product. haven't bought batteries for it yet.

OA camp. we haf much to learn. 
Got this from the faci's present exchange! first christmas gift of the year :D wanted to get cookies as my gift initially, but finally decided on a cheese spray instead. Daniel got it too, glad you like it! (AND TENKEW ENTHEL FOR DA COOKIES WAHAHAHA HOW DID YOU KNOW I WANT ONE)
lepaking around still waiting for rachel to finish her finals. another hour to go.

had a hectic week indeed. straight after exams started work on the OA camp stuff, everything came so last minute, had to organize cedric's farewell too. after that rushed home for grace's birthday to give her a surprise. i'm kinda shocked that she cried when she saw me! cause i thought that i can't make it home for her birthday, and told her so the week before. so i guess my surprise appearance came as a .. surprise. HAHA. first time i made someone cry of.. happiness? anyway have fun and happy birthday again dear sis! after finally finishing the name tags for the camp, slept for 2 hours and had to rush back to nilai for the camp. only slept 7 hours during the whole camp. in 3 days!

conclusion: AM FATIGUED. haven't went christmas shopping yet. and its already 20th. will come home on 22nd. only left 23rd to ... rest? or go shop? 24th will be church's christmas celebration and then we leave for genting on christmas itself. there goes the rest of 2011. see u guys next year!

owh and watch this! Harry says merry Christmas with his cousins!

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