Nov 24, 2011

scribblings/scratchings of an insomniac

01:05am: tired. *yawns* will sleep as soon as i get back later. its been a long time since i've had this feeling! yes! guaranteed a good night of sleep!

02:00am: dear international-student-looking floormate across the corridor, did it ever occur to you that as beautiful your sound system may be, but not everyone has the same musical tastes as you? and shut your door, thanks.

03:00am: ".... ...."

03:45am: why are there birds freaking chirping at this hour? it must be the light pollution.

*drifts off into unconsciousness somewhere around 5am*

9am: (alarm has been ringing for an hour, wakes up to see poor roommate dragging herself towards my desk to search for my invisible phone) (dives into bed again, more unconsciousness)

1pm: good morning world!

how sick am i :(

haih. shouldn't even label myself an insomniac. but the feeling of being mentally wide-awake but physically dead and being alone with your thoughts in the dead of the night? (ok la not dead there're freaking zombie birds chirping but that's even more scary because it means morning is almost here and you haven't gotten a wink yet.) too creepy.

i wonder why.

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