Nov 4, 2011

Installation Night 2011 woots!

let's start this post with a lame joke:
A: Do you know what is Installation Night all about?
A: *excited face* that is when all the nerds and geeks meet up for the night and start installing things in their laptops!

(credits to: Joel Tay)


haih i'm already regretting typing that thing in. hehe, so i attended 15th INTIMA's Awards Presentation and Installation Night on 22nd Oct. woah its more than 3 weeks ago! basically Installation Night is the night where all the committees of the clubs gather and there's award presentation for the old term(namely, the 15th) and the 'installing' of the new 16th term of committees and student government.

the volleyball committees! old & the new. we have come a looong way :')
it's really interesting to see them all dressed up. cause we usually meet up on tuesdays and thursdays for training, and maybe bump into each other at class... all i remember of them is kinda those.. sweaty sporty look! sportswear, jerseys, dirt...haha, and now they're all polished and shiny! ngehehe. luckily i didn't give up in persuading them to come :P
caught sight of Jan and Yats! i think they came together. here's them with jiunn harng.

i've already decided to wear really low heels, and jan here decided to come with flats -.-

meet yats, 14th intima vp of activity. member of the independent election commission.

suz & liz! both MIA for so long in volleyball club! one's busy with her intima stuffs (she's wearing formal cause she's an intima exco, they have to wear formal for their ceremony) and the other at internship! come back soon lah................ :(

i think guys must feel really happy when there's a girlfriend to help them with their tie. sadly i have no idea how to tie one properly.

the volleyball girls! (janice, liz, me, chiuling & bun)

yeh took a pic with my dear successor. all the best with the publicity post!

the handball guys. their pose macam freekick la..

with the cat. so happy to see her standing on the stage, proudly stepping down as the 15th term. you made it! (notice the guy behind sandra, taking photos with his iphone. the Motor GP is in town and most of those racers and the media is also staying at Pan-Pacific! some of the committees even met Marco Simoncelli the night before the accident :( haih life is short indeed. )

meoww. (andrew toh this pic is for your benefit!)

the volleyball guys lookin' real good!

us :]

dihalau masuk ke dalam hall. the whole event gonna start soon. that nice glittery star is made by suzian! she spent so many sleepless nights over the whole deco! #salute

hieh hieh took a pic with dear roommate. all the best pam, you will be a great chairperson!

table no. 7. thank you mr. chris :DD

obligatory photo of what's on the table. plasticky tasting chocolate pudding thingy. 
wilson & bun. *best girlfriend award* hehe

kelly & sing han. this photo really looks like your wedding reception lah~!

liz yap hong li, you'd better come back to inti as soon as possible! miss you so much :'( luckily we still had the hour-long trip back to berupdate-update.. all the best with the remaining months of your internship~

p.s:not wearing a robe, its a scarf, and pan pacific's air conditioning is no joke.

halfway through, suddenly remembered that i took kenny's camera for assignment(photo feature of an inti event) purposes, and finally left the volleyball table to take up the role of the paparazzi :(

kenny ng (wai leong~), organizing chairperson of the night. good job!

sport awards ceremony. this was the first year they had such awards to recognize the sweat and tears of the sportsmen. We got best achievement! MAPCU 2011 champion teehee.

team cap'n wilson lim onstage!

ba-bling ba-blingg

wandered over to the mass comm table:

got most innovative event for ifilm 2011! here's to more events to come!

took a break from being photojournalist girl, came back to the volleyball table:

with sien han, 16th term volleyball club treasurer. do an even better job than liz, alright?
p.s: it feels so good without that heavy camera in your hands. tenkew ze kai :)

hoho icf got best charitable event!
alvin posing proudly. i still remember how the very next day when news of the japan tsunami broke, people were emoing on facebook and sending their condolences and posting sad statuses...basically, kinda passive stuff. i dragged myself to class and when i passed by the student concourse, saw Jan sitting at a booth in her red beanie, with the sign 'donation for japanese tsunami' and a japanese flag on a tin can. They set up this fund raising so efficiently, in such a low profile way and managed to achieve their objective at the end. there're many other charitable extravaganzas by other huge clubs, dazzling and grand. yet icf managed to win this award with a simple booth, a tin can, and a bunch of compassionate people. nicely awarded :)

suz announcing awards.

another photo at the volleyball table. i practically neglected them for the night :( shouldn't have chosen this event as my assignment :((

all of us thought that there wouldn't be another award, since the sports award category is already over, and the rest of the big awards wouldn't involve us.


guess what?????

chiuling got Best Secretary!!!!! phewwitt!!!! i'm really really really proud of you!!!!

after some of the award presentations, it is time for the installation ceremony.

les lee giving his speech as the head of the IEC. by this time i was already tired of taking photos but sandra insisted. 'must take must take! important moment!'

the 15th waiting for their turn to go onstage. supposed to be serious moment.

but they berposing. girls will be girls.

on the stage. nico found the time to pose for me. hahah thanks boss.

shaarmen giving his last speech as president of 15th INTIMA. kinda mushy though XD

shaarmen handing over his blazer(and along with it the responsibilities) to thomas.

nico as vice president of admin to naheeda.

epic moment when alex couldn't take off his blazer properly and it got stuck. take note of those 'bystander's' expressions. wahahhahahaa

best commentators of the night having a field day with it. 14th intima you guys rock la!
the last bow.

yesh you did it!!! a year and a half of slogging, so proud of all of you :DDD

all the club chairpersons onstage to take the oath, swearing them in to lead their clubs for the 16th term. all the girl chairpersons so lenglui!

after the installation ceremony, its time for the really important awards. Best Event, Best Chairperson, Best this Best that.... i remember that most of the events were taken by Social Board. Kept taking photos of the same people going onstage. sian liao..

anyway, so here comes the Best Affiliate award. (basically, best club, which is like the most coveted award of the night):

no surprises there~


all went wild (hahah had been waiting to use this sentence for the longest time) and came onstage to celebrate.. installation night basically ended then. photo time!

me & suz.
the Vice Presidents of activity~
the Public Relation Officers~
The Treasurers. as they always say, 'we are the monehh'Edmund & Sandra. he went to the washroom when his name was announced for Best Treasurer, so jason had to go onstage for him. good timing la bro. out of nowhere a slice of cake appeared.

lynne (best council member!) & enthel!

the icf girls :) love sophia's floral dress, suits her so well! (and evelyn looks like twins with enthel here. heheh luckily i cut my hair else we'd look the same too)

very cute photo of the marketing team peoples. torturing nico.

managed to grab one last pic with the mass comm peeps before leaving. macam cinderella had to leave early :( missed out on so many pics :(((

well, that's a term done. in between they had videos of the year and what we achieved. remember LTC? and that Night? and that Tournament? and that Camp? kinda missed it. my first year at inti some more. and now i'm this old second year lady. ish.

good luck to the 16th term, you guys seriously need it.

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