Nov 20, 2011

frowny days. with a crack of pink.

this photo followed a discussion about the merit of dogs. how certain dogs are especially yongsui and cats are lanci and how some dogs shouldn't be categorized as dogs at all. HEHEH. one thing i noticed: most dog lovers are cat haters but cat lovers are not dog haters.


haih had such an urge to end this post right here. even typed in the tag and almost clicked on the 'publish post'. but it would be sheer irresponsibility on my part. please accept my sincere apologies for going MIA this while. November hasn't been a particularly kind month to me. the end of the semester is near and as usual the workload choses to halt and pile up. like a terrific traffic accident where 7 or 8 cars crash against one another, leaving no space to breathe. hehehe. So these weeks i have been trying to clean up my act. y'know, the previous posts dedicated to cleaning up my closet, changing bad habits for the better, etc. so i managed to stop procrastinating for a change and take off my student A personality. (please take note the difference between A student and student A. Its an internet meme thing. too lazy to describe here)

Having a stress-free week in the midst of an originally stressing week, that feeling is priceless. One of those things money can't buy, y'know? hehe. but the drawback to this lovely week is, i have to start stressing about the next week.


but, in all, a lovely, lovely week. 50% stress, 50% faulenzen-ing. teehee.

have a nice day guys :)

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