Nov 16, 2011

elementary, watson.

sometimes we just need to go barefoot, for your toes to feel the sand, the water, the roughness of earth. pampered feet make no good.

i remember a childhood story that goes like this: An emperor in ancient ancient ancient(you get how ancient it is) China decided to go on a tour around his country. This is unheard of back then and in all, a very innovative thing to do. On his travels, he stepped on some sharp rocks with his bare feet and got cut. Emperors being emperors, had to throw some tantrums and demand that something be done! So some crazy minister came up with the bright idea of murdering gazillions of cows for their hides to cover every single pavement, road, and lane of the country, so that the emperor's tender feet wouldn't be hurt by the stones. wow what a good idea, thinks the emperor. let it be done! so the inhumanely stupid plan ensues.

finally, a small kid had the common sense to suggest that why not one cow be killed so that its hide can be used to protect the emperor's feet, rather than millions killed to cover every pavement illogically.

thus, shoes were born.

trust me, i have nothing against shoes. they're one of my favorite purchases. but sometimes... we forget how lovely it is to let our feet get tough once in awhile. humans spend so much on fish spas, exfoliators, scrubs, loofahs, lotions.... to smoothen their feet. and sanitizing everything they come in touch with. why has the world become someplace where there's a protective bubble over everyone and GERMS have become the new hushed word?

and i digress.

sometimes, we have to dig through all that shit and find out who we really are, why are we here, and what is the purpose of our life. and you can't find it within yourself, cause you're not your Creator. to know the purpose and function of a blackberry, you have to ask the manufacturer right? hehe.

but i digress again.

self respect, miss koh, always remember that.

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