Nov 23, 2011

Christmas came early!

hehe its still november but here's my very first christmas post of the year! i'm not a very christmassy person. although reading books and watching movies about the Western traditions with a soft golden glow over everything and kids waking up early in the morning to open their presents.. that kind of stuff doesn't really happen in my family. we do celebrate it at church and maybe a potluck dinner with a few family friends... but that's it. christmas, after all is Jesus's birthday, not mine. hehe. so i try to avoid catching the christmas commercial bug as much as possible. those candy canes, gingerbread men (not very nice btw), christmas baubles.. stay away!

icf celebrated christmas early with Christmas Night 2011 in collaboration with Nilai UC and KTT.

lovely backdrop of the stage. simple and straight to the point. the cursive writing was edited by James btw.
bokeh bokeh bokeh
The Girls! (from left: me jan jotay shereen emily and jill)
with edmund and a stressed looking alvin before going onstage.
floe and the 16th intima came as VIPs!
everyone gets a paper to write christmas wishes to hang on trees all around the hall. i didn't know it was supposed to be a christmas wish though. wrote a farewell message for evie tan.
christmas rock. my first time playing christmas songs with that style.
deck the halls-- (just realized how funny the lyrics were)
don we now our GAY apparel~
TROLL the ancient yuletide carol~

christmas play! of the Nativity scene. with creepy doll supposed to represent Baby Jesus backstage. those dolls shouldn't even be invented in the first place..
stagehands camwhoring backstage. me enthel & gandalf the donkey.
the three shepherds. its been shear pleasure. so i herd. geddit geddit. (had been worried about the play cause listening too much to lame jokes during practice sessions can really bore you to tears. luckily the audience was really sporting and found it funny that night. heheh.)

carols from the KTT choir.

last performance: inti concert band. i realized that they still don't have a french horn section. and i lost my longing to play french horn anymore. what has happened? i don't want to drift apart. :(
more photos. evil plans for james & jill.
finally an unbombed photo :)
a lot of pics not on facebook yet. thus far the photos i stole are from enthel and james' cameras. heheh. thanks guys. it's a lovely day with dazzling blue skies and fat white clouds. makes me squint. will go out to enjoy the good weather later. too much of thunderstorms lately. let it snow!

alright enough of wandering. our only class of the day is cancelled, which explains my lazy mood today :) it's a public holiday~!

merry christmas people, happy new year!

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  1. Hahaha just realize this post when I did something vain by googlin my name! :O XD