Nov 29, 2011

bite-sized happiness...

remember these?

as kids, there will be two very exciting things the moment your dad brings home a new box of electrical appliance. okay, maybe not your dad, the deliveryman.

What are the two things?
1. The big box. (to make imaginary places and stuff)
2. Those popping plastic thingies you can press and make it pop. protective thingy? not sure of its correct name. (AAGH. ITS BUBBLE WRAP. how stupid)
anyway, found a whole bunch of these stuff today. they came in the nick of time. I was in desperate need of something to curb my temper. What a freaking bad day it had been. as if its not enough that its a week of huge project deadlines and presentations, there has to be useless mundane meetings suddenly scheduled into the mix, plus midnight practice sessions for the inti alumni gala dinner performance. too much stuff going on at the same time. wayy too last minute. me no like. anyway, the thing that almost pushed me off the edge was that meeting. my time, is better wasted on facebook, not sitting in a room with a bunch of people who are not even sure why are they there, discussing a bunch of things they themselves are not even sure they know what it is. am i confusing you? me too. who wouldn't? i am completely irked. and my temper management went into overdrive in that incredibly wasted 2 hours. 2 hours! when i should be doing the slides for the presentation, surveys for my research, preparation for another final project, writing a script for my video assignment, and so much more! and practice scheduled from 12am to 2am later. maybe i'm not the only busy one here, i guess you're as busy as me, maybe more. which just adds to the long list of reasons why we shouldn't be sitting there already. and i haven't included that we are discussing something that we discussed last week, which for some unfathomable reason was postponed to this incredibly packed final week, and you spent the first 45 minutes of the meeting mumbling some top secret with the person next to you, rendering the rest of us invisible, and spending the next 45 minutes of the meeting asking for ideas from your committee yet completely ignoring their ideas when they do contribute, then just out of the blue announce your own decision. is this even a meeting? or should it be called an assembly to announce your decisions? don't tell me that you have asked for a vote, that is not a vote. that is an announcement of decision and a fake raise of hands, which everyone complied cause we thought it would cut the meeting shorter. which it didn't. i know when i'm not needed.

so all the best, guys.

these have been touted as great temper controllers. same like those squeezy foam balls with smiley faces and encouraging phrases on it. as if that's gonna help. i always leave my nail marks in those foam anyway. those plastic popping stuff were much more fun. pressed them till my fingers hurt. finished pressing one sheet. now have one longer sheet to go. gonna enjoy them for the whole stressing week. so please stay away when you see this girl with a crazed look in her eyes with a bunch of plastic bubbles in her hands popping them in a frenzy. you have been warned.

sad that i have gone to the extent of finding joy in discarded stuff from others. but cheap stuff are always the best, don't you agree? hahah. and i try to sing hakuna matata to lighten my mood but that didn't turn out too well. emo version of hakuna, more like.

at least i have my fingers to look at!

in case you didn't get a better view in the photos above,

hehe dear brother treated us sisters and sis-in-law to mani-pedis! thank you!!! actually, have to thank groupon too! hahah. had been lusting for that dark green shade ever since that fateful night bala sent me to the O.P.I website. but it wouldn't be economically viable to purchase that bottle, cheap it may be at rm29... ... so i'm really excited when i went home for the weekend and we went for manicures! and they have that green too! wahahahaha. instant happiness.

i have no idea when did i turn into a nail painting addict. we shall leave this question for another day. there's a lack of mental juices to ponder this for the moment.

birds have started chirping. its 6:49am. what a lovely morning! will do the slides and project. then pass up another research paper. THEN maybe sleep. it's cf's farewell gathering so must go! evelyn's leaving, kylie's leaving, enthel's leaving, adrian's leaving... ... sad case. i hope i will be able to wake up for that. then practice again, then meeting(pleease don't be a waste of time, please), and then more assignments. nice week, eh?

i thank God that google is so cute today! huckleberry finn :)

room light working overtime. sorry, light. sorry earth, i have to contribute to global warming.

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