Nov 1, 2011

beeg tub. ais cweam.

hmm you know those stories of girls who gorge themselves when they break up? the standard fare would be ice creams. huge tubs of haagen-dazs and they stuff themselves silly while watching television and crying their eyes out. it's something so far-fetched that i could not imagine myself having the capacity of a tub of ice cream. cones? i would say yes. tubs? no way.

anyway, today had been a bad day. kinda bad. not really bad. but ... significantly bad. of course there's some good in it. but that's another story. something happened. on top of another. and another. that's how it became labelled as 'a bad day'.

on one hand, i'm glad that its over. that thing, which lasted for so many years and morphed into something that i couldn't describe. even i myself don't know what it is now. the thing that consumed so much of my heart and tears and time and thoughts. like a demanding and annoying pet. and i let it grow. now's the time to remove all the roots which have grown deep, tear them all out, till the land, with fertilisers and all. then prepare for another story :)

so.. what do people in a bad mood need?


never in my dreams i'd put myself along the ranks of girls who eat tubs of ice creams after break ups. wahahaha. huge thanks to michelle who bought me this, and i managed to finish around 1/8 of it before calling it quits.

hehe. so i still can't finish a tub on my own. i'm not there yet! still miss those rm1 cones that me and siau li would grab whenever we are emoing from band stuff. those were the days.

i'm sorry if i'd led you on. i hope you get the message :)

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