Nov 29, 2011

bite-sized happiness...

remember these?

as kids, there will be two very exciting things the moment your dad brings home a new box of electrical appliance. okay, maybe not your dad, the deliveryman.

What are the two things?
1. The big box. (to make imaginary places and stuff)
2. Those popping plastic thingies you can press and make it pop. protective thingy? not sure of its correct name. (AAGH. ITS BUBBLE WRAP. how stupid)
anyway, found a whole bunch of these stuff today. they came in the nick of time. I was in desperate need of something to curb my temper. What a freaking bad day it had been. as if its not enough that its a week of huge project deadlines and presentations, there has to be useless mundane meetings suddenly scheduled into the mix, plus midnight practice sessions for the inti alumni gala dinner performance. too much stuff going on at the same time. wayy too last minute. me no like. anyway, the thing that almost pushed me off the edge was that meeting. my time, is better wasted on facebook, not sitting in a room with a bunch of people who are not even sure why are they there, discussing a bunch of things they themselves are not even sure they know what it is. am i confusing you? me too. who wouldn't? i am completely irked. and my temper management went into overdrive in that incredibly wasted 2 hours. 2 hours! when i should be doing the slides for the presentation, surveys for my research, preparation for another final project, writing a script for my video assignment, and so much more! and practice scheduled from 12am to 2am later. maybe i'm not the only busy one here, i guess you're as busy as me, maybe more. which just adds to the long list of reasons why we shouldn't be sitting there already. and i haven't included that we are discussing something that we discussed last week, which for some unfathomable reason was postponed to this incredibly packed final week, and you spent the first 45 minutes of the meeting mumbling some top secret with the person next to you, rendering the rest of us invisible, and spending the next 45 minutes of the meeting asking for ideas from your committee yet completely ignoring their ideas when they do contribute, then just out of the blue announce your own decision. is this even a meeting? or should it be called an assembly to announce your decisions? don't tell me that you have asked for a vote, that is not a vote. that is an announcement of decision and a fake raise of hands, which everyone complied cause we thought it would cut the meeting shorter. which it didn't. i know when i'm not needed.

so all the best, guys.

these have been touted as great temper controllers. same like those squeezy foam balls with smiley faces and encouraging phrases on it. as if that's gonna help. i always leave my nail marks in those foam anyway. those plastic popping stuff were much more fun. pressed them till my fingers hurt. finished pressing one sheet. now have one longer sheet to go. gonna enjoy them for the whole stressing week. so please stay away when you see this girl with a crazed look in her eyes with a bunch of plastic bubbles in her hands popping them in a frenzy. you have been warned.

sad that i have gone to the extent of finding joy in discarded stuff from others. but cheap stuff are always the best, don't you agree? hahah. and i try to sing hakuna matata to lighten my mood but that didn't turn out too well. emo version of hakuna, more like.

at least i have my fingers to look at!

in case you didn't get a better view in the photos above,

hehe dear brother treated us sisters and sis-in-law to mani-pedis! thank you!!! actually, have to thank groupon too! hahah. had been lusting for that dark green shade ever since that fateful night bala sent me to the O.P.I website. but it wouldn't be economically viable to purchase that bottle, cheap it may be at rm29... ... so i'm really excited when i went home for the weekend and we went for manicures! and they have that green too! wahahahaha. instant happiness.

i have no idea when did i turn into a nail painting addict. we shall leave this question for another day. there's a lack of mental juices to ponder this for the moment.

birds have started chirping. its 6:49am. what a lovely morning! will do the slides and project. then pass up another research paper. THEN maybe sleep. it's cf's farewell gathering so must go! evelyn's leaving, kylie's leaving, enthel's leaving, adrian's leaving... ... sad case. i hope i will be able to wake up for that. then practice again, then meeting(pleease don't be a waste of time, please), and then more assignments. nice week, eh?

i thank God that google is so cute today! huckleberry finn :)

room light working overtime. sorry, light. sorry earth, i have to contribute to global warming.

Nov 24, 2011

scribblings/scratchings of an insomniac

01:05am: tired. *yawns* will sleep as soon as i get back later. its been a long time since i've had this feeling! yes! guaranteed a good night of sleep!

02:00am: dear international-student-looking floormate across the corridor, did it ever occur to you that as beautiful your sound system may be, but not everyone has the same musical tastes as you? and shut your door, thanks.

03:00am: ".... ...."

03:45am: why are there birds freaking chirping at this hour? it must be the light pollution.

*drifts off into unconsciousness somewhere around 5am*

9am: (alarm has been ringing for an hour, wakes up to see poor roommate dragging herself towards my desk to search for my invisible phone) (dives into bed again, more unconsciousness)

1pm: good morning world!

how sick am i :(

haih. shouldn't even label myself an insomniac. but the feeling of being mentally wide-awake but physically dead and being alone with your thoughts in the dead of the night? (ok la not dead there're freaking zombie birds chirping but that's even more scary because it means morning is almost here and you haven't gotten a wink yet.) too creepy.

i wonder why.

Nov 23, 2011

Christmas came early!

hehe its still november but here's my very first christmas post of the year! i'm not a very christmassy person. although reading books and watching movies about the Western traditions with a soft golden glow over everything and kids waking up early in the morning to open their presents.. that kind of stuff doesn't really happen in my family. we do celebrate it at church and maybe a potluck dinner with a few family friends... but that's it. christmas, after all is Jesus's birthday, not mine. hehe. so i try to avoid catching the christmas commercial bug as much as possible. those candy canes, gingerbread men (not very nice btw), christmas baubles.. stay away!

icf celebrated christmas early with Christmas Night 2011 in collaboration with Nilai UC and KTT.

lovely backdrop of the stage. simple and straight to the point. the cursive writing was edited by James btw.
bokeh bokeh bokeh
The Girls! (from left: me jan jotay shereen emily and jill)
with edmund and a stressed looking alvin before going onstage.
floe and the 16th intima came as VIPs!
everyone gets a paper to write christmas wishes to hang on trees all around the hall. i didn't know it was supposed to be a christmas wish though. wrote a farewell message for evie tan.
christmas rock. my first time playing christmas songs with that style.
deck the halls-- (just realized how funny the lyrics were)
don we now our GAY apparel~
TROLL the ancient yuletide carol~

christmas play! of the Nativity scene. with creepy doll supposed to represent Baby Jesus backstage. those dolls shouldn't even be invented in the first place..
stagehands camwhoring backstage. me enthel & gandalf the donkey.
the three shepherds. its been shear pleasure. so i herd. geddit geddit. (had been worried about the play cause listening too much to lame jokes during practice sessions can really bore you to tears. luckily the audience was really sporting and found it funny that night. heheh.)

carols from the KTT choir.

last performance: inti concert band. i realized that they still don't have a french horn section. and i lost my longing to play french horn anymore. what has happened? i don't want to drift apart. :(
more photos. evil plans for james & jill.
finally an unbombed photo :)
a lot of pics not on facebook yet. thus far the photos i stole are from enthel and james' cameras. heheh. thanks guys. it's a lovely day with dazzling blue skies and fat white clouds. makes me squint. will go out to enjoy the good weather later. too much of thunderstorms lately. let it snow!

alright enough of wandering. our only class of the day is cancelled, which explains my lazy mood today :) it's a public holiday~!

merry christmas people, happy new year!

Nov 20, 2011

frowny days. with a crack of pink.

this photo followed a discussion about the merit of dogs. how certain dogs are especially yongsui and cats are lanci and how some dogs shouldn't be categorized as dogs at all. HEHEH. one thing i noticed: most dog lovers are cat haters but cat lovers are not dog haters.


haih had such an urge to end this post right here. even typed in the tag and almost clicked on the 'publish post'. but it would be sheer irresponsibility on my part. please accept my sincere apologies for going MIA this while. November hasn't been a particularly kind month to me. the end of the semester is near and as usual the workload choses to halt and pile up. like a terrific traffic accident where 7 or 8 cars crash against one another, leaving no space to breathe. hehehe. So these weeks i have been trying to clean up my act. y'know, the previous posts dedicated to cleaning up my closet, changing bad habits for the better, etc. so i managed to stop procrastinating for a change and take off my student A personality. (please take note the difference between A student and student A. Its an internet meme thing. too lazy to describe here)

Having a stress-free week in the midst of an originally stressing week, that feeling is priceless. One of those things money can't buy, y'know? hehe. but the drawback to this lovely week is, i have to start stressing about the next week.


but, in all, a lovely, lovely week. 50% stress, 50% faulenzen-ing. teehee.

have a nice day guys :)

Nov 16, 2011

elementary, watson.

sometimes we just need to go barefoot, for your toes to feel the sand, the water, the roughness of earth. pampered feet make no good.

i remember a childhood story that goes like this: An emperor in ancient ancient ancient(you get how ancient it is) China decided to go on a tour around his country. This is unheard of back then and in all, a very innovative thing to do. On his travels, he stepped on some sharp rocks with his bare feet and got cut. Emperors being emperors, had to throw some tantrums and demand that something be done! So some crazy minister came up with the bright idea of murdering gazillions of cows for their hides to cover every single pavement, road, and lane of the country, so that the emperor's tender feet wouldn't be hurt by the stones. wow what a good idea, thinks the emperor. let it be done! so the inhumanely stupid plan ensues.

finally, a small kid had the common sense to suggest that why not one cow be killed so that its hide can be used to protect the emperor's feet, rather than millions killed to cover every pavement illogically.

thus, shoes were born.

trust me, i have nothing against shoes. they're one of my favorite purchases. but sometimes... we forget how lovely it is to let our feet get tough once in awhile. humans spend so much on fish spas, exfoliators, scrubs, loofahs, lotions.... to smoothen their feet. and sanitizing everything they come in touch with. why has the world become someplace where there's a protective bubble over everyone and GERMS have become the new hushed word?

and i digress.

sometimes, we have to dig through all that shit and find out who we really are, why are we here, and what is the purpose of our life. and you can't find it within yourself, cause you're not your Creator. to know the purpose and function of a blackberry, you have to ask the manufacturer right? hehe.

but i digress again.

self respect, miss koh, always remember that.

Nov 11, 2011

HEHEH: When Timon & Pumba meets Voldy

to the tune of Hakuna Matata:

woots! buckets of nostalgia! harry potter & Lion King in one package! how cool iz that! heheh. if you have no idea what is this about, shame on yehhh :P

p.s: Lion King is the very first movie i watched in a cinema :D
go watch it in 3D if you haven't yet!!!!!

p.p.s: childhood perspectives are seriously different. Back then i felt they were happy-go-lucky. now there's a new phrase to describe them :"Stoners of the Jungle" WAHAHAHAHAHA

Nov 6, 2011

I am

unable to arrive at a decision.

it should've been easy enough. right??

tiny dried up heart. goodnight.

Nov 4, 2011

Installation Night 2011 woots!

let's start this post with a lame joke:
A: Do you know what is Installation Night all about?
A: *excited face* that is when all the nerds and geeks meet up for the night and start installing things in their laptops!

(credits to: Joel Tay)


haih i'm already regretting typing that thing in. hehe, so i attended 15th INTIMA's Awards Presentation and Installation Night on 22nd Oct. woah its more than 3 weeks ago! basically Installation Night is the night where all the committees of the clubs gather and there's award presentation for the old term(namely, the 15th) and the 'installing' of the new 16th term of committees and student government.

the volleyball committees! old & the new. we have come a looong way :')
it's really interesting to see them all dressed up. cause we usually meet up on tuesdays and thursdays for training, and maybe bump into each other at class... all i remember of them is kinda those.. sweaty sporty look! sportswear, jerseys, dirt...haha, and now they're all polished and shiny! ngehehe. luckily i didn't give up in persuading them to come :P
caught sight of Jan and Yats! i think they came together. here's them with jiunn harng.

i've already decided to wear really low heels, and jan here decided to come with flats -.-

meet yats, 14th intima vp of activity. member of the independent election commission.

suz & liz! both MIA for so long in volleyball club! one's busy with her intima stuffs (she's wearing formal cause she's an intima exco, they have to wear formal for their ceremony) and the other at internship! come back soon lah................ :(

i think guys must feel really happy when there's a girlfriend to help them with their tie. sadly i have no idea how to tie one properly.

the volleyball girls! (janice, liz, me, chiuling & bun)

yeh took a pic with my dear successor. all the best with the publicity post!

the handball guys. their pose macam freekick la..

with the cat. so happy to see her standing on the stage, proudly stepping down as the 15th term. you made it! (notice the guy behind sandra, taking photos with his iphone. the Motor GP is in town and most of those racers and the media is also staying at Pan-Pacific! some of the committees even met Marco Simoncelli the night before the accident :( haih life is short indeed. )

meoww. (andrew toh this pic is for your benefit!)

the volleyball guys lookin' real good!

us :]

dihalau masuk ke dalam hall. the whole event gonna start soon. that nice glittery star is made by suzian! she spent so many sleepless nights over the whole deco! #salute

hieh hieh took a pic with dear roommate. all the best pam, you will be a great chairperson!

table no. 7. thank you mr. chris :DD

obligatory photo of what's on the table. plasticky tasting chocolate pudding thingy. 
wilson & bun. *best girlfriend award* hehe

kelly & sing han. this photo really looks like your wedding reception lah~!

liz yap hong li, you'd better come back to inti as soon as possible! miss you so much :'( luckily we still had the hour-long trip back to berupdate-update.. all the best with the remaining months of your internship~

p.s:not wearing a robe, its a scarf, and pan pacific's air conditioning is no joke.

halfway through, suddenly remembered that i took kenny's camera for assignment(photo feature of an inti event) purposes, and finally left the volleyball table to take up the role of the paparazzi :(

kenny ng (wai leong~), organizing chairperson of the night. good job!

sport awards ceremony. this was the first year they had such awards to recognize the sweat and tears of the sportsmen. We got best achievement! MAPCU 2011 champion teehee.

team cap'n wilson lim onstage!

ba-bling ba-blingg

wandered over to the mass comm table:

got most innovative event for ifilm 2011! here's to more events to come!

took a break from being photojournalist girl, came back to the volleyball table:

with sien han, 16th term volleyball club treasurer. do an even better job than liz, alright?
p.s: it feels so good without that heavy camera in your hands. tenkew ze kai :)

hoho icf got best charitable event!
alvin posing proudly. i still remember how the very next day when news of the japan tsunami broke, people were emoing on facebook and sending their condolences and posting sad statuses...basically, kinda passive stuff. i dragged myself to class and when i passed by the student concourse, saw Jan sitting at a booth in her red beanie, with the sign 'donation for japanese tsunami' and a japanese flag on a tin can. They set up this fund raising so efficiently, in such a low profile way and managed to achieve their objective at the end. there're many other charitable extravaganzas by other huge clubs, dazzling and grand. yet icf managed to win this award with a simple booth, a tin can, and a bunch of compassionate people. nicely awarded :)

suz announcing awards.

another photo at the volleyball table. i practically neglected them for the night :( shouldn't have chosen this event as my assignment :((

all of us thought that there wouldn't be another award, since the sports award category is already over, and the rest of the big awards wouldn't involve us.


guess what?????

chiuling got Best Secretary!!!!! phewwitt!!!! i'm really really really proud of you!!!!

after some of the award presentations, it is time for the installation ceremony.

les lee giving his speech as the head of the IEC. by this time i was already tired of taking photos but sandra insisted. 'must take must take! important moment!'

the 15th waiting for their turn to go onstage. supposed to be serious moment.

but they berposing. girls will be girls.

on the stage. nico found the time to pose for me. hahah thanks boss.

shaarmen giving his last speech as president of 15th INTIMA. kinda mushy though XD

shaarmen handing over his blazer(and along with it the responsibilities) to thomas.

nico as vice president of admin to naheeda.

epic moment when alex couldn't take off his blazer properly and it got stuck. take note of those 'bystander's' expressions. wahahhahahaa

best commentators of the night having a field day with it. 14th intima you guys rock la!
the last bow.

yesh you did it!!! a year and a half of slogging, so proud of all of you :DDD

all the club chairpersons onstage to take the oath, swearing them in to lead their clubs for the 16th term. all the girl chairpersons so lenglui!

after the installation ceremony, its time for the really important awards. Best Event, Best Chairperson, Best this Best that.... i remember that most of the events were taken by Social Board. Kept taking photos of the same people going onstage. sian liao..

anyway, so here comes the Best Affiliate award. (basically, best club, which is like the most coveted award of the night):

no surprises there~


all went wild (hahah had been waiting to use this sentence for the longest time) and came onstage to celebrate.. installation night basically ended then. photo time!

me & suz.
the Vice Presidents of activity~
the Public Relation Officers~
The Treasurers. as they always say, 'we are the monehh'Edmund & Sandra. he went to the washroom when his name was announced for Best Treasurer, so jason had to go onstage for him. good timing la bro. out of nowhere a slice of cake appeared.

lynne (best council member!) & enthel!

the icf girls :) love sophia's floral dress, suits her so well! (and evelyn looks like twins with enthel here. heheh luckily i cut my hair else we'd look the same too)

very cute photo of the marketing team peoples. torturing nico.

managed to grab one last pic with the mass comm peeps before leaving. macam cinderella had to leave early :( missed out on so many pics :(((

well, that's a term done. in between they had videos of the year and what we achieved. remember LTC? and that Night? and that Tournament? and that Camp? kinda missed it. my first year at inti some more. and now i'm this old second year lady. ish.

good luck to the 16th term, you guys seriously need it.