Oct 25, 2011

wantan and cement nails.

gahh! had been sitting here for more than 5 hours being productive. its the second day of the mid-sem break and i'm doing good so far. i guess.

monday: housework & pretend to be real good day. cause mom got the warning letter for me bonking a few classes and she's mad, like reaally mad. but i also managed to wreck my phone, buy a new charger, and find out that i'd be phoneless for the week! teehee.

tuesday: woke up too late. brought grace koh to library. procrastinated. supposed to study and do assignment but spent the whole time checking out photos on facebook. also, painted my nails cement gray. nice shade but a tad too sad. i need brighter colors to cheer myself up. goodness knows i need it, stuffed nose and all.

owh forgot to mention it. the week before this break sandra was already complaining about her sickness. as in, not feeling well, cough, headache, flu, the whole set. cause we spent all the stupid late nights together yamcha-ing and doing assignment and what not, i was kinda proud of myself cause i'm still healthy ngehehe. so i have this smug look on my face whenever she was downing her pills and slurping her cough meds.

karma got me real good. now's my turn. and during sem break somemore! AAGH this better be good. so far my nose has been running non-stop.
that day a guy said:'omg joyce if i was your boyfriend i'd be giving you tissues for valentines!'


yeh. that helped a lot.

anyway, the reason i'm still up at this hour is because tomorrow (no slash that) TODAY is wednesday! and wednesday is the day of the performance! nlrc gonna celebrate its 30th anniversary tonight with this grand dinner and musical. lol we're a lame part of the musical, but a part, nonetheless. so tomorrow will be a day full of final rehearsals at sime darby convention hall beginning morning 9:30am till 11pm i guess. going out for breakfast with em' at 7:30am. another hour to go, i guess. law tutorial c'mon!!! MUST. FINISH. BEFORE. SEVEN. A.M.

and 5am thursday i will be heading to penang! wahaha. till saturday. there goes my mid-sem break. well spent, right???

well, i have approximately 6 assignments and projects and midterms to face right after the break. which is the reason for my nocturnal status tonight during break. THIS IZ SAD. with a crazy nose that turned all the water i drank into snot the moment i drank it. dang. amazing too, managing to stay wide-awake till 6:17am in the morning, sustaining on plain H2o alone! ngehehe. buhbye coffee, i'll miss you :)

well, the only upside to this situation is i managed to complete quite a lot of stuff tonight, i've never seen myself so productive before! anyway, it will mean i can breathe easier(sadly, not literally) during the road trip to Penang! wish us luck :D

aah. i miss you guys so much now. let's go ben's again, shall we? hang in there for the last couple of days! uec only ma, chop vegetable lah~!

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