Oct 2, 2011

A Picture A Day

whoah. i'm now on my 230th post! when did i pass the 200th post? this is so weird. 200th is totally a cause for celebration! and i didn't even notice it come and go. even when i'm on the 201th or 221th or 229th! sorry dear blog. anyways. had been so busy lately that finally getting back to my room for good before 3am is considered early :( shouldn't even pay hostel fees, the way i'm going. maybe just buy a tent and camp out wherever i fancy.

just posting some random photos of my week here to waste some bandwidth.

mid-autumn festival tea! always loved chiyan's hair hahah.
flash mob practice at rooftop. real sweat! its a combination of bonamana and mr. simple. they're having 'final exams' up there. i've already passed mine so got free time to take lame pics. those two guys in the foreground are our 'instructors'. dancing iz hard work! poor them.
the song sounded kinda ohkay(no offense) but when you see the mv, it's like SHO COOL! but i hated the 'blow your mind' part. just.. weird. what's with the bouncing subtitles?
heheh. posters are printed! mine are small ones. but they look so nice!
reuben ho designs. bigger. and heavier. which caused a shitload of trouble. (initial plan was to use Tack-It but someone bought lots of double sided tape to cut cost but no one knew that cheap double-sided tape can't be heated so the posters all fell down due to their weight and the unstickiness of the whole thing. then used Tack It. managed to stay up till now! *proud but had to scrape the double sided tape off the walls. no easy job had to use thinner now my hands hurt. that thinner BURNS! so finally we decided to take down the big fat posters and transform them into buntings and print new paper posters to stick on walls. three times the trouble. just to cut cost. and that person who caused all that trouble wasn't there. HAIH.) the poster it looked very nice in the laptop but in physical printed form, its kinda dark. i think its the material's problem. :/ but i still like it! floe posing with it here. she wanted to stick one on her car for free advertising!
i sneaked one back ♥ shh.
and huge thanks to these guys who helped me and sandra out. kelvin, jiunn harng, ern chai, thomas, we owe you one! we had to do lots of damage control(refer above) and its kinda impossible for us to manage with just the two of us. luckily they were so kind and helpful. and its after their iec interview somemore! so they were in their formal gear, climbing up and down, being free labor. thanks guys :') i really appreciate it. will vote for you in the election!

and this. crazy sale.
running in the rain to catch up with the sale before it closes. are we hardcore or what??? the foot on the right is some random lady's. mine's the flipflop. managed to grab a few salvageable stuff. leather high heels in perfectly good condition for rm5! and since my aldo's died on me last week, these came in just good time! and genuine leather belts, tops, scarves.... heheheh.

i really really really wanna get this hair color. should i?

alrights. this marks the end of another completely random post. its monday and a cheap one at that. good night. and good morning too! :D

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