Oct 9, 2011

old. and forgetful.

such bad combinations.

today, someone turned 20!

not me.

known you for... the 8th year right?
and we had so much fun together. remember those spm tuition days?
turned on facebook today. and its 7 more minutes till her birthday is over. Danielle Tan i have no excuses. i owe you a meal. a big one. i shouldn't even have needed facebook to tell me that's the date one of my bestest friends turns the big 2-0.
aah. can't scrape the layer of guilt off my heart. anyways, just wanted to dedicate a blog post. of all insincere things, i guess a blog post is better than none :( so. here is it. last time i posted something about you when you're leaving for UK. now that you're back, i guess we should take more advantage of it and have more outings? heheh.
eaghh i know this post reeked of insincerity. just.. gimmesometime. i'll try to eat more gingko biloba extracts and ginseng extracts and raisins to improve my memory. :'( and write your birthday down. and take more effort. SO SOWIE!
now all i do is steal photos off facebook and crap something together here. GAZILLIONS OF APOLOGIES. happy birthday, girl. many happy returns of the day. you'll find your guy soon, and please remember to intro yea. dont be forgetful like me. and can we have a freek bday celebration for everyone? lol.

ok here's the usual wishes: stay pretty, i love your short hair, i'm glad you didn't take my advice not to try that, enjoy your single life, study hard, party harder, get more friends, remember my birthday, eat more, exercise more, blog more, laugh more, write more, read more, and smile. always!!!!!

my bestest wishes to you ♥

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