Oct 2, 2011

i guess that's why i'm so busy huh?

when can we achieve true freedom? definition of true freedom: the ability to stop doing something at will. seems simple enough? example: stop facebooking. stop smoking. stop thinking about those who hurt you. i tried, and its not so. stop living to impress people. they don't even care. only God cares about you, and he doesn't need you to impress Him for he has already accepted you. unconditionally :)

lessons in life are so hard, we all have something to learn. there're a few resolutions i made this week. let's see whether i can achieve them!

update: i almost succeeded in my week-long vegetarian stint. except for seafood tofu(which did not occur to me that they're made from meat) and sausages that the kuey teow guy sneakily put in when i specifically asked for a non-prawn non-siham kuey teow. FAILED! gonna continue tomorrow. MUST HAVE AT LEAST 7 MEAT-FREE DAYS! wish me luck wish me luck :D

countdown: Uni Day will be here in 2 days! you ready to party yet??

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