Oct 16, 2011

car wash post heheh

this stupid car wash post took me a whole week to trying uploading the pics but no can do. then today i realized that it might've been the pics' problem. what with the dslr and the editing. might've been too big for blogger to handle? so i just saved them again in another format, and thank God i can upload them now :D

so.. oktober is a busy month indeed! after i managed to kaotim all the uni day stuff, its time for the church activities! planned 2 car washes and 1 carnival! the carnival's gonna be next week, games, food, lucky draw.. you know the drill! drop by if you can make it :D

so here're the pics of the car wash day 1. (we didn't bother to bring the camera on the second saturday)
technically, not day 1 yet. this is the Car Wash Eve. everyone busy doing the banner. the one we ordered couldn't be printed on time. so they did this.
leech mouth grace.
the guys doing something that seemed real pro. no idea what.
like sister, like sister. (love enoch's expression behind there!)
Rachel, with a capital R~!


and the day began!
compulsory posing with the ... thing. i still have no idea what its called in english. for all my life i've called it the 'pat'. in cantonese..anyone enlighten me?
aaron got the bright idea of smaller signs.

the driver of this car just vroomed right in, and even called his friends over to wash their cars! although they drove a 4 wheel drive. -.-. but at least i know that good people aren't extinct~
chiyan tired liao. she was kinda busy with the tyres...

edmund came over to help out! although he played futsal till 3am the day before :')

very very very nice and kind lady dropped by and gave us these bags full of apple pies! :')
grace koh with her weird facial expressions.
the banner they made!
yenming got us a lot of customers with her relentless promotions!
'come come come come~'

at the end of the first day we managed to wash 46 cars! huge thanks to all dads and mums, aunties and uncles who dropped by, and random strangers who had the courage and kindness to entrust their precious cars into our hands, and everyone who so generously bought us food and drinks! its been a nice experience :) special thanks to ee lin who came by and helped!

i guess all of us would be washing our own cars more often now, mom wouldn't let me off so easily...

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