Oct 3, 2011

brog fest!

spur of the moment trip up to broga. managed to run up in 20 mins. our.. 3rd time there? here are some pics taken with aaron's htc! those smartphones really have a whole bunch of cool apps to edit pictures. so many effects~here's the polaroid one:
we brought sandwiches! had to wake up so early to spread and cut them. @@ its not often i do this kind of stuff heheh.
posing with the unlimited (weeds?). bukit lalang is also another name for broga. heheh.
tis' the japanese effect!
aaron thinking hard for his pose. nice pose for thinking bro!
lomo effect i think.. there were people lugging dslrs all around. very paiseh use htc to take pics :P and its kinda hard to find a spot where there aren't potential photobombers.. its amazing what the other hikers brought up there. guitars, potato chips, all sorts of junk food... totally salute those hard core guitar fans. but its nice to be sitting there, admiring the scenery, with music floating by....
aaron thought of his bombastic pose at last!
and i thought of this one ==. hail the master of houseflies!
and this one. i think putting a tiger in this context would look much nicer.
eskimo! or lion. whichever one you prefer.

and the photo of the day:
love ya~

its now 1:44am. its not often i get back to my room so early! gotta catch up on some beauty sleep. good night!

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