Oct 11, 2011

black + black does not equal white.

haih. haha its becoming a habit to start every sentence with a sigh lately. hehehe. this kind of behaviour muz stop! soon! but not on this post la. anyway, yesterday was a day full of miscommunication, anger, sadness, and mostly a whole lot of ego talking. well, don't worry cause most of these emotions don't belong to me. i'm just someone watching everything clearly from the sidelines, and sometimes its really frustrating to see people do the things they do.

after loads of arguments and public humiliation and terrible words, people refuse to admit their faults, it gave me a glimpse into the future working environment, and a reminder of my past. remember those times when everyone around you misunderstands you, blames you, and reprimands you for things others did? and there's no support forthcoming from your peers? i hated that time, yet i stuck till the end. with tears and snot and all that lah, of course. very saddening to see the same thing happening to someone close to me years later. guess i'll just have to admit the fact that the world is cruel, undeniably so. that's why we need His love to heal, but that's a story for another day.

men, and their ego, are the worst combination ever. why don't you just admit that you had your misjudgments and mistakes? is sorry really the hardest word? after everything you'd done to hurt your supposed friend, all you can do is continue to convince yourself that what you did was right. with lots of twisted theories that look like the truth. this one in particular stood out:

"If you don't want to get screwed, don't screw things up. If you screw things up, be ready to get screwed. It is part and parcel of life. What do you expect? Life ain't going easy on you. It never will. It wouldn't be called LIFE it is so easy. Deal with it, overcome it."

what do you think?

no one ever said life is easy, but you can stop making it more difficult. the survival of the fittest is total bullshit. stop following the ways of the world, you hear me? be nice. play nice. that's a lesson that all kids know, but the adults don't. when did this happen? i've always wondered when the transition will happen. what was going on in their minds when businessmen cheat innocent people of their money, or those hunters who lop off the shark's fins, or policemen who take bribes without a second thought. don't these people have a conscience? weren't they also innocent kids long ago? what happened to them between childhood and adulthood? is money really everything? is being selfish the value our society worships? whatever happened to love, kindness, faithfulness, generosity?

many people have that inbuilt mechanism in themselves, saying 'if you don't stand up for yourself, no one would.' isn't that a sad thing? i witnessed some of my friends who tried being kind, but at the end, they gave up and just stuck for themselves. isn't that sad? what did your childhood storybooks tell you? stop the vicious cycle of mistreating others. can you see the pattern?

boy tries to do good. others treat him bad. boy gives up. boy does bad to others.

that sounds like fun.

sometimes, it is really important to ask yourself the reason why you do certain things. and whether the reason justified your actions or not. whoever told you that planting a melon seed will yield melons? the seed might get eaten up by worms, there might not be enough water, or that seed wasn't a melon seed at all. what matters, is why you planted it in the first place. to eat? for others? so the earth wouldn't look so empty? and stay focused on that reason. why do i always help my friends to do their assignments? so that they can treat me to lunch? no, its because they're my friends, and i love them.

so people, when others treat you well, remember to say thanks. and don't you ever think that you can take them for granted. everyone has their limits. there're laws against you going over the speed limit, taking drugs, spitting in the streets. but there's no limit on the amount of love and kindness you show to others. isn't that lovely?

break that chain of bad!


  1. Loved it, Treat the poor broken kitten well ok? Will try to keep in touch more.

  2. no one ever said life is easy, but you can stop making it more difficult.

    I love this post of you babe! Hope you're ok now :D