Oct 9, 2011


twas' a cold and hungry dawn. *gives up on the ye olde english* there're two types of mornings: good, and bad. those good mornings are few and far in between, on the rare occasion you managed to wake up 15 minutes earlier to take your own sweet time and feel all sparky. that kind of morning only happened to me... twice.

anyway, the other kind of morning is what i go through once a week this semester for 8am classes. the rest are all afternoons. so its a monday morning, i overslept, almost missed the bus back to inti, hadn't had time to grab breakfast, hadn't had time to grab pocket money from dad. this is sad i'm already 18 WHAT AM I DOING ASKING FOR MONEY FROM MY PARENTS??

but its the truth. sad fact.

so i forgot my money, asked bro to bank in for me, and sat there starving throughout the entire morning class, freezing from the stupid air-conditioner, and as always, feeling sorry for myself hahah.

anyway, i thought i'd get the money after the class. BUTNOHAVE. D:

decided to skip breakfast and get more sleep before the next class instead. so i trudged back to my room, keeping a running monologue to convince myself that tis' the right thing to do, until i get the money, that is.

emo emo emo.

i opened the room door, and saw them sitting on my desk.

lovely innocent chocolate muffins.
do i love my roommate or what?????

thanks pam :')

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