Oct 12, 2011

5 things that i love to bits.

hmm. had been kinda pessimistic lately. time to stop sighing and smile more! so here goes a list of 5 things that i simply love and can't live without:

1. Jesus! unconditional acceptance :') He's totally The Man! (guys are serious jerks nowadays. sorry if i'm stereotyping now but guys you need to work harder than that, judging by things)

2. carbohydrates! potatoes, cheesy wedges, lovely rice, springy noodles, bread!

3. runny egg yolks with that purrrfect shade of yellow! need i say more???

4. lovely malaysian weather which rains with perfect timing whenever i decide to head for bed.

5. friends who really are friends. i'm sorry if i hadn't been one :( you guys deserve better!

yeh off to enjoy my egg yolk now :D

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