Oct 25, 2011

wantan and cement nails.

gahh! had been sitting here for more than 5 hours being productive. its the second day of the mid-sem break and i'm doing good so far. i guess.

monday: housework & pretend to be real good day. cause mom got the warning letter for me bonking a few classes and she's mad, like reaally mad. but i also managed to wreck my phone, buy a new charger, and find out that i'd be phoneless for the week! teehee.

tuesday: woke up too late. brought grace koh to library. procrastinated. supposed to study and do assignment but spent the whole time checking out photos on facebook. also, painted my nails cement gray. nice shade but a tad too sad. i need brighter colors to cheer myself up. goodness knows i need it, stuffed nose and all.

owh forgot to mention it. the week before this break sandra was already complaining about her sickness. as in, not feeling well, cough, headache, flu, the whole set. cause we spent all the stupid late nights together yamcha-ing and doing assignment and what not, i was kinda proud of myself cause i'm still healthy ngehehe. so i have this smug look on my face whenever she was downing her pills and slurping her cough meds.

karma got me real good. now's my turn. and during sem break somemore! AAGH this better be good. so far my nose has been running non-stop.
that day a guy said:'omg joyce if i was your boyfriend i'd be giving you tissues for valentines!'


yeh. that helped a lot.

anyway, the reason i'm still up at this hour is because tomorrow (no slash that) TODAY is wednesday! and wednesday is the day of the performance! nlrc gonna celebrate its 30th anniversary tonight with this grand dinner and musical. lol we're a lame part of the musical, but a part, nonetheless. so tomorrow will be a day full of final rehearsals at sime darby convention hall beginning morning 9:30am till 11pm i guess. going out for breakfast with em' at 7:30am. another hour to go, i guess. law tutorial c'mon!!! MUST. FINISH. BEFORE. SEVEN. A.M.

and 5am thursday i will be heading to penang! wahaha. till saturday. there goes my mid-sem break. well spent, right???

well, i have approximately 6 assignments and projects and midterms to face right after the break. which is the reason for my nocturnal status tonight during break. THIS IZ SAD. with a crazy nose that turned all the water i drank into snot the moment i drank it. dang. amazing too, managing to stay wide-awake till 6:17am in the morning, sustaining on plain H2o alone! ngehehe. buhbye coffee, i'll miss you :)

well, the only upside to this situation is i managed to complete quite a lot of stuff tonight, i've never seen myself so productive before! anyway, it will mean i can breathe easier(sadly, not literally) during the road trip to Penang! wish us luck :D

aah. i miss you guys so much now. let's go ben's again, shall we? hang in there for the last couple of days! uec only ma, chop vegetable lah~!

Oct 24, 2011


to be honest, can't get over how pretty i looked here wahahaha. huuuge thanks to enthel for this random photo grabbed before i left early from the 15th Intima Awards Presentation and Installation Night last Saturday! Congratulations to the 15th for a term well served! you guys deserved it :)

still waiting for the photos from kenny's camera, so let's be patient, shall we? actually was on assignment that night. to write a photo feature of an event, actually. so acted like a reporter that night, stalking everyone and every award, didn't really get to enjoy myself. sorry volleyball club! will spend more time with you guys next round.

p.s: my phone died on me. again. so don't bother to contact me thru phone alright? maybe facebook haha so let me enjoy this phone-free week :D

Oct 20, 2011


fuah. finally a post about that event. actually i didn't really plan on blogging about it. but just now happily went for volleyball training and HUGE RAIN. so had to come back to room and blog lifelessly lo. uni day had been over for few weeks, and today i felt its impact. skipped classes during the crazy preparation period, and the warning letter found its way into my mom's postbox. phone calls ensue, and ears got burnt. this weekend i had to go home to 'explain myself!'. so looking forward to it. shit uni day. oklah its my fault lah bad time management lah.

the day dawned nice and pretty. with moody grey skies and threatening thunderclouds.
love the pretty red lettering on the roof! Ice did it all by himself! *salute

so after my class ended at 4pm its time to get ready for the event to kick off! (although its called Uni 'Day' but its actually a 4pm - 12am event, so its not an all-day thing.) games and telematches first:
me looking very guilty. haha. cause the guys had a really hard time playing and i was just standing there looking pretty and picking up balls. and also dodging lah. dodgeball is such a VIOLENT game!
in between games i realised that a lady was rehearsing on the outdoor stage, with dance crew and all. cracking my head to think who else they had invited for the performances. 'fuah another girl singer?'. turned out that was mizz nina!!!!! the wonders of makeup!!

the two teams in the final game! with the referees :D
with my lovely team. and dr sia! we won we won!!!!!!
our prize: that string bag. hahah. seriously, thanks guys, you're the pro-est!!! :)

after the dodgeball game went to the volleyball booth. we're selling ice creams at the bazaar! :D kinda funny though cause i posted on fb:'buy ice cream at volleyball booth free spoon!' and quite a lot of people came up requesting for free scoop.
yeh the ice cream girls :)
thanks for the hard work during the whole night!!! the rm75 profit is worth it!
pom-poms! red & white!
take one.
take two. with feather head.

wandered over the the photowall. no time to bermain liao. had to get serious.
hard at work fixing the lettering. people kept knocking it over :(
the pride booth! selling all things inti. shirt mugs pompoms headgear :D
the flash mob getting ready. ngeheheh.

the concert officially started at 7 i think. was too busy with the photobooth to enjoy it. so missed out on joel and nico's performance. after everything was done just tried to enjoy it lo. but some of the performances, sad to say, were kinda bleh. haha. no offence yea. at least that's what those standing around me were saying. personally i felt so too.
owh its the opening ceremony at 9pm! with fireworks!!!
they seem happy. the opening ceremony was good. just those performances before it weren't.

joel looking good!
celist's solo. so fierce foowah.

of course, taking pictures!
enthel posing with her crew shirt.

desiree tan. inti alumni! haha. this song of hers is good.

mizz nina, the much hyped artiste of the night:
basically she danced more than she sang, and quite a few people thought that she kinda lip-synced. but i guess its normal, plus most of her famous songs were all 'feat', so of course had to use the recording...
funny expression. i wonder what happened.

anyway, after that is the highest point of the night. DJ Skeletor from Hitz.fm spinning the disc for two straight hours of 'dance party'! amazingly they remained high for the two hours. nice songs though. hehe.
then at the end, people were clamoring to take photos with the man himself. ahhaha. he was really nice and obliged, but its obvious that he was very tired. wow. for the longest time i've had the perception that the job of a dj is just very cool spinning, but i didn't really realise that its also a very tiring job. way to go, dj skeletor!

more random pics:
yes i got my free mug! my design yo :D
hanging around backstage, partying only when the camera approaches :P
balloons on the photowall. to block those unsightly parts of the cardboard.and people kept stepping on them. haih.
with sandra and ice. 60% of the publicity team.
now with edward! still 60% of the publicity team. everyone else took turns going missing.

with floe! she's the mastermind of the flashmob. too bad at the end they didn't manage to clear out a large enough space for the flashmobbers to dance, which created another huge debacle, but that's another story :P i guess there wasn't even a need to do so in the first place. the flashmobbers should've just stood in the crowd and 'pretended' to be the audience. but its a good effort! :D
80% of the publicity team! reuben, sandra, edward, and me! sandra was complaining that she wanted a group photo of the publicity team but everyone kept disappearing. hahaha. our lovely sogo hamper! those cadburys' made everything worth it :D
finally! a 100% publicity team photo. 5 of us :D that mesh banner cost a lot, don't play play ah. now don't know where is it liao. hope they won't throw it away :(
final group photo of all the committees. good job everyone!

overall, the event was kind of rushed and messy to start with. but for those who weren't behind the scenes, i guess it's a nice event :) i just hope that they enjoyed themselves. at the very end, after the committee photo, some french students from the exchange programme came up to us and said that its really cool, i hope that they're telling the truth lo. haha, but i heard that they were drunk. oh wells. happy 25th INTI!

(photo credits to kenny, pixern, enthel, and james! )

Oct 19, 2011


you think i don't know your game?

maybe i really don't.

come on lah.

hmm. let's see how far this will go.

p.s: happy birthday to you :)

Oct 17, 2011

I Shall...

spring clean.

it doesn't feel good when others imply that you are a bad influence, right? i've always had a phobia of aunties. because i'm kinda wild as a kid, running up and down, doing very ungirlish stuff... so sometimes i can feel disapproving glances thrown my way, or sense it in the aunties' tone of voices. sometimes i feel like a plague. it might be all in my imagination, but i think when its my turn to become an 'aunty', i will watch my words, and remember how it felt as a kid.

words do have power.

now i'm all grown up and 'normal', i still remember their disapproval, and i flinch whenever we meet, like a dog that has been beaten by its owner...

whatever. i've had a happy childhood. bleh.

so one day someone told me that it kinda sucks when people see you as a bad influence. memories flood back. so this friend decided to do something about it and change that friend for good. "chose only 2 options out of 5." the 5 were: smoking, drinking, gambling, clubbing, getting a tattoo. so completely out of the blue that 'victim' had to chose ... after a difficult deliberation, to continue clubbing and drinking, but stop gambling, smoking and also drop her plans for a second tattoo.

when we were talking about it last night over supper, we tried to convince her to stop smoking since she had been smoking since age 10, and last year she kind of stopped, but started up again when she came here. @#$%. that's why we were seen as a bad influence, when we never smoked, drank, or gambled! during the 'convincing' session, i admired her courage, but at the same time, i felt ashamed of myself. me too, have many terrible habits.

the real sort of freedom is not the ability to do WHATEVER you want,
but the ability to stop doing something.

you see, everyone had freedom. the freedom to go out for supper whenever they want, the freedom to have sex, the freedom to do crazy stuff, the 'freedom' to sleep as late as you want.

are these things really freedom?

when you find yourself unable to stop doing something, that means that you have been jailed by it. so when people are addicted to smoking, they don't have freedom from cigarettes. or likewise i found myself unable to NOT log in facebook.

that's kinda unhealthy. and just this morning i found out that 2 more friends are trying to quit smoking. good for you guys :)

i shall clear out some stuff from my bad habit wardrobe too! wish me luck :D

there're many kinds of smiles.

and this is the _________ smile.

this list came too late. *lost my keys today :(

gonna print a copy and keep it where i can see it everyday, its good advice. especially for me~

Oct 16, 2011

car wash post heheh

this stupid car wash post took me a whole week to trying uploading the pics but no can do. then today i realized that it might've been the pics' problem. what with the dslr and the editing. might've been too big for blogger to handle? so i just saved them again in another format, and thank God i can upload them now :D

so.. oktober is a busy month indeed! after i managed to kaotim all the uni day stuff, its time for the church activities! planned 2 car washes and 1 carnival! the carnival's gonna be next week, games, food, lucky draw.. you know the drill! drop by if you can make it :D

so here're the pics of the car wash day 1. (we didn't bother to bring the camera on the second saturday)
technically, not day 1 yet. this is the Car Wash Eve. everyone busy doing the banner. the one we ordered couldn't be printed on time. so they did this.
leech mouth grace.
the guys doing something that seemed real pro. no idea what.
like sister, like sister. (love enoch's expression behind there!)
Rachel, with a capital R~!


and the day began!
compulsory posing with the ... thing. i still have no idea what its called in english. for all my life i've called it the 'pat'. in cantonese..anyone enlighten me?
aaron got the bright idea of smaller signs.

the driver of this car just vroomed right in, and even called his friends over to wash their cars! although they drove a 4 wheel drive. -.-. but at least i know that good people aren't extinct~
chiyan tired liao. she was kinda busy with the tyres...

edmund came over to help out! although he played futsal till 3am the day before :')

very very very nice and kind lady dropped by and gave us these bags full of apple pies! :')
grace koh with her weird facial expressions.
the banner they made!
yenming got us a lot of customers with her relentless promotions!
'come come come come~'

at the end of the first day we managed to wash 46 cars! huge thanks to all dads and mums, aunties and uncles who dropped by, and random strangers who had the courage and kindness to entrust their precious cars into our hands, and everyone who so generously bought us food and drinks! its been a nice experience :) special thanks to ee lin who came by and helped!

i guess all of us would be washing our own cars more often now, mom wouldn't let me off so easily...