Sep 4, 2011


hi people! finally had some time to blog. its weird how 'facing the laptop' has become something necessary. owh nevermind. so i'm back. back from thailand, back from intiball, back from numerous meet up sessions and farewells. so much to tell, but so lazy to start. anyway, there're still a lot of things that i need to do. Inti Open is coming this weekend so it means another week away from church :'(

this picture is taken at Kylie's bro's place before heading to Sheraton for Inti Ball. to decide whether my makeup is sufficient to go without specs (cause i'm really used to wearing specs till my face looks very unnatural without em'. kinda BIG. as in, real BIG. just go check out my high school prom pics and you'll know what i'm talking about). at the end i didn't wear my specs. yay my makeup skills improved! i know its not much compared to those taiwanese makeup queens and i have no intention of heading in that direction, but hey, its eyeshadow! #hidungtinggi

don't worry, this is not a post about Inti Ball. i just wanted to pass by and say hello. the real deal would have to wait till the week after Inti Volleyball Open.

so freaking much to do i don't know where to start. definitely not here. babai~

p.s: have a smurftastic week!

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