Sep 27, 2011

hot air balloons. blob blob.

taken at inti open :)
there's always that pretty team captain's girlfriend wielding a camera at those situations. teehee.

guilt. mostly guilt. that's what i'm feeling right now. no matter how i twist it, there's always the undeniable truth in my face. too many cooks spoil the broth, and i lost the trust of a friend. that's what happens, when you know the train is going out of control yet you prefer to sit idly by the emergency brakes and watch disaster happen. exciting, ain't it? the guilt weighs. a lot. a whole damn lot. is there any chance i can tie it to a bunch of black helium balloons and let them float away? anywhere, as long as its not in my heart. i mourn the loss. my loss, and your loss. most of your grief came from me. us. right? you worry, you think, your thoughts swirled, you made up stories... and you stayed away.

i really want to say this :"chill lah. don't take yourself so seriously, for no one else does."

maybe the same applies to me too. aah ... guilt please leave me.

really unable to face myself.

since when did you stoop to such lows?

since when did i let myself go?

since when you're such a... [ ]?

wait. the above sentence sounds like a song! maybe i do have that hidden potential in me after all :D

emotional burdens, i release you. piled full in a hot air balloon. good bye!

p.s: it feels good for those 'roommate-less days' to be over!

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