Sep 14, 2011


have had a weird week so far. had its ups and downs, excitements and disappointments, hecticness and plain too much time to sleep.... weird.

but i guess the mood i'd be in would be kinda.. down. no idea why. gonna be loads of send-offs this weekend. haih. lazy to elaborate la. right now i'm kinda over logged with PS stuff to do. so staring at the screen for prolonged periods of time does me no good.

when you're down, there're plenty of things you can do (eating ice creams, jogging, sleeping, crying.. the options are endless. ) but if you, like me, can't be bothered, just surf the net and you'll find a bunch of useless stuff that are kinda cheering. for one, animal pics :D
happened upon this completely weird website called which features animals being complete jerks to each other. animals being cute and courageous? we've seen it all. but seen them being bad? i bet you didn't! hehe. its really funny to see them being kinda... human.

then, there's the always cute boo.
and this pic of a baby turtle. from a website called cuteoverload with kinda cute things. but i didn't really like cute after finding out that jerk animals website. ahahaha. but go here if you're up for cute things.
another gif of animals being jerks.

and cats, a perennial favorite of mine. youtubing 'cat videos' never get old.

another weird website of the day. this one you must visit. this japanese camerawoman takes pictures of herself jumping, which looks like levitating.
she jumps up to 300 times to get the perfect shot!

one last piece of weirdness for the weekend:

happy Malaysia Day!

babi just realized that those gifs dont work. all the more reason for you to visit that website then ahahahahha. good night :D

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  1. I visited the Japan woman's blog, it is so awesome wei