Sep 29, 2011

the land of too cold.

bangkok must try:
it. is. freaking. cheap.
you know me lah. had sudden cravings for bananas!
and this crazy tshirt store!
colors never fail to fascinate me ♥
favorite phrase!
forever 21!

orchids at the airport.

my thoughts about thailand?
1. lovely shopping.
2. lovely people with amazing love for their royalty and religion
3. definitely more developed than malaysia

and no i did not went to watch any of the thai girl shows. we stayed at a boutique hotel near patpong(the red light district) and every single time we had to walk through patpong to get to the subway. countless times people approached me to introduce the 'super pussy show', and 'ping pong show', 'exotic show', and many other porn stuff lah. and the last time i met king before he left for UK, we had a simple discussion about thailand and according to him it's supposed to be the way to get to know thailand. i'm not trying to be a saint here, but if i accepted and watched the show, maybe at a mere rm2 per entrance. or even if its for free, i am contributing something to this trade. those girls, or ladyboys were trained to perform at a very young age. i've heard that some of the performers weren't even out of puberty yet. their sexual organs aren't fully developed. this might not be exactly sex trafficking, but its something close. as long as a tourist agreed to watch the show, there will be more kids in these shows. demand and supply curve, remember? please, people, there are better forms of entertainment out there. and you won't die of curiosity. don't create demand for these shows anymore. wanna put yourself in that kid's shoes?

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