Sep 18, 2011

i miss ice cweams

(mannn Dairy Queen haz the bestest shakes and vanilla ice cweams around. DQ please please please hurry up and come to Malaysia)

deepest apologies for the lack of normal blog posts lately. no photos no nothing. busy over Uni Day stuff. INTI's celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! so huge celebrations all around. So our campus gonna do this event called University Day, with sports events, outdoor concert with local artistes, stalls, performances, fireworks....... kinda big weih! so its really fun helping with this :D

and classes resume today! first presentation of the semester: A Journalist who Inspired You.

we did something on a female war correspondent in WW II : Marguerite Higgins Hall. Really geng woman who competed with her male colleagues, braver than some, wouldn't take no for an answer, and opened the doors for female journalists in the more 'serious matters'.... and everyone else also did 'serious' and pro journalists too, such as Edward Murrow, Christiane Amanpour, Sami Al Hajj.....

then a group stepped up to present and my mouth became like this :O

guess who they chose as their 'inspiring journalist'?

whoa. i guess bloggers are also categorized as journalists since at core journalists are just people keeping 'journals' about what's going on and stuff like that. the lecturer even commented that to a certain degree he believed that cheesie might be even more 'truthful' than Raja Petra. hahah. and its the first time i saw that classmate presenting so passionately. truly someone who inspired her. in japanese fashion and stuff like that. kinda reminded me a lot of stuff hehe. good job :)

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