Sep 22, 2011

heheh, just saw a status update on facebook:

"Wikipedia: I know everything!
Google: I have everything!
Facebook: I know everybody
Internet: Without me you all nothing.
Electricity: Keep talking bitches."

anyway, our lecturer requested us to watch a movie as an assignment. the movie was called 'HOME', basically about how earth came about and how we humans are destroying it and calling people to change. consumption of meat is really one of the top reasons why the greenhouse effect took place. humans love meat, meat eating became a symbol of prosperity, there must be more and more meat to fuel the demand, so grains are grown to feed to herds, the herds don't have sufficient space to roam and eat grass anymore, so they just stand there and eat and become fat and get killed and we eat em. huge lorries are used to carry food for the animals. lorries need petrol. the machines to grow grains need petrol. growing grains need land. forests have land. forests are cleared for land. exotic animals die without anyone knowing. pesticides and fertilizers are used to grow grains. animals eat grains, we eat animals. we get weird weird diseases. we eat more and more meat. more and more resources are depleted. rivers and lakes drained to grow grains. trees not enough. land not enough. fish no time to reproduce. temperature rises. atmosphere get holes. ice caps melt. sea levels rise. cities die. we die. everyone dies.

end of story.

so basically, global warming is not something that does not concern us. without energy, we don't have electricity. without electricity, where's facebook and blogger and google+ and entertainment as we know it?

save electricity, save water, recycle paper, eat less meat.

have a nice day :D

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