Sep 26, 2011


finally got the bunch of photos from various sources. now its all busy editing. my laptop became noticeably slower after the whole University Day gig. i downloaded so much stuff that i can feel them clogging up the laptop's arteries. sigh. this event is also the reason i haven't blogged for ages. everyday is just a blur of classes, sleep, eat, pulling all nighters doing publicity stuff, meetings, class, sleep, sleep, and more sleep just to catch up with my kidney-torturing nights. anyways, what's done's done and here's one of the posters i did:

did i mention that Mizz Nina is performing for Uni Day? that's right, she's that Malaysian singer who did 'What you Waiting For' with Colby O' Donis and 'Take Over' with Flo Rida.
go YouTube her! Uni Day's basically a huge event by the INTI-IU campus to celebrate INTI's 25th birthday. so, huge birthday bash indeed. hope that the outdoor concert won't disappoint. and no rain please. please. its been really exciting to work on this event. gave me a glimpse into future 'event-oriented' jobs too. hehe, tired but enriching few weeks.

so many ideas! here's a few stolen online:

from urbanscapes, the ultimate arts fest in malaysia:

photowalls are totally fascinating too. never really paid alot of attention to them but actually they create a lot of atmosphere at events. plus, they make photos look way better!
another unique photowall of Lonely Planet Magazine's launch in Siam Paragon thailand when i went there last month. such a clever idea, stuffing cupboard with vintage suitcases!
they look really nice in real life la, although some has commented that it looks kinda messy :(

and colorful signboards! totally can't resist them. colors add so much spirit to any photo, don't you think?
see what i mean??

although i reeaallly wanted to make badges, but i don't think its gonna happen for Uni Day. although they are really nice :( plus i'd already designed a few! guess they'll come in use some other day then. crew em'!

so, we managed to finish all of the publicity stuff last friday*whew!* and all were sent for printing, so all we can do now is sit and wait. hope our hard work pays off! so looking forward to seeing all of em printed and up! counting down 9 days to the event! admission is free so come over if you have the time:) it's open to all. bazaars, concerts, fireworks, games... so just come and enjoy yourself~

after watching the HOME video last week, i decided to try going vegetarian for one week per month. so today's my first day and the meatiest thing i had was cheese toast. i guess cheese is alright. RIGHT? hope that i can stick with this for 7 days :D meat is totally my life. i gonna miss you :( okay guys, its raining now and what do you do when it rains?

SLEEP. wheeee. goodnight people!

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