Sep 28, 2011

cold country.

torn between doing those artistic blog posts or explaining everything about the trip in detail with anecdotes. shall do both then :)
Chiang Mai.
Ching Rai. love her hair :)
dainty dogs.
cardboard tea parties in bangkok.
actually excited when i see english.
tangled wires in desperate need of conditioner and a comb.
banana mirror
and fell in ♥ with the weird little mode of transportation we call tuk tuks.

the road less taken.
platform 3 1/4

there're many more photos to upload. i'm having fun editing all of them. so its gonna take a loooong time. be patient people. had my first dodgeball match today! serious sweat. luckily my team had some real pro guys, so i just perfected the art of standing. good job guys.


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