Sep 29, 2011

scraped. thin.

Hmm. ever since i can remember, finding fault with others has always been a habit of mine. don't get me wrong, i think my brother put it perfectly,:"joyce always has a standard in her mind of the way things should go." when i heard that, its like a bell went 'ding' in my head. it's true. although i've never given much thought to it, nevertheless, its true. i have a place for everything and how things should go. and since i have great confidence in my language skills i have the habit of taking note of others verbal faults. or written, for that matter. (that's why i always roll my eyes at certain bloggers who spell when things' prices are too high as 'expansive' rather than 'expensive'. seriously, people?)

since i read a lot and my essays always get good grades, of course i think my english is good lah. and a habit of mine is to read everything in sight. it's not an obsession or anything. just any road signs, shop signs, notes, posters... i take it all in. and i like to correct them mentally. its always a personal victory to discover yet another grammar mistake. hahah. so clever of me. i used to have the mentality that i'm meticulous in my spell checking and i always wanted to secretly impress the lecturers that my assignments are the bomb. i also used to sit in class, trying to listen to the lecturer but more often than not being distracted by his/her use of words. i would then imitate and complain and (i admit that i'm a brat with a huge ego) have a good laugh at my lecturers(not all, mind) with friends.

anyway, those are the things that go on in my mind and its not everyday i bare them here. so.. uhm. paiseh lah. my point is.

last semester i had a lecturer who spoke flawless english. i was secretly impressed because for the longest time i had been complaining about those lecturers with bad english whom in my tiny mind i equated to no standard. this lecturer was always late to class, cancelled classes when the fancy took him, doesn't care about the subject, did not care to hide his disdain... ...

basically, i miss my previous lecturers with bad english but had buckets of passion to make up for it. :'(

no one is perfect.

and neither am i. i guess you guys had been reading my posts about University Day. i hope you are not tired of hearing about it because this post is also about it. It took up a whole lot of my time, and its the only thing i can think about right now. sandra was the publicity for this huge event, and initially i was just there to help her with the poster and photoshop work. then more and more things followed so i got reuben to help me out. we did the banners, different posters, buntings, tshirts, mugs, caps... all these within very short notice. anyone watched 'The Smurfs' here?

in the movie this scary lady boss named Odille forced her sales manager to 'give me what i want, not what i need.' when asked what she wanted, she said, 'i don't know what i want. but give me!'
(the above is just based on my memory. it goes like that lah.)

it's this type of weird requests that are actually more common than you think. in our case, we had to start our designs without any specific requests. imagine you doing something without anything to go on. without any clear idea what's going to happen, and what you have to put on the poster. then after thinking long and hard, you spend one whole night doing it. and you finally go to bed at 5am. 2 days later, you're told that your design is not liked and please change. yet you still do not know what do you have to do. so you do your best again. after another sleepless night slaving over that thing, and halfway through it till 7am, you're told to change this change that. so when you go to bed, your crew mate wakes up and continues to complete the task after his class and we take turns that way. and after a third sleepless night, till 5am, they tell you that yours does not 'fit in' with the overall concept. what is the freaking overall concept if no one has any idea what is it? do not forget that i'm a student and i do have classes to attend, assignments to pass up, tests to prepare and numerous other meetings and responsibilities. and do that freaking thing at night.

and no sleep.

so at the end, the deadline(strictly speaking, we were given 4 days to complete everything) was kinda postponed and we managed to scrape everything together. at that stage, you should have seen our faces. glassy eyes, gallons of coffee, terrible eyebags, messed up biological clock. but we were high. happy to have done everything. completed. mission accomplished. yesh babeh.

at that moment, all i thought was:'i can't wait to see them all out and up.'

and a weekend later, i saw the buntings up. big and fat. nice. pretty. i'm proud of them. wide grins all around. admire them from afar.

and the next day, this appeared in our faculty's facebook group:


alright. that thing wasn't designed by me. make no mistake. but its my team. and maybe someone edited it. and maybe its my fault that i didn't pay attention to their designing cause i thought they'd be perfectionist enough to spell check and i was beyond caring at 5:30 in the morning. that was how tired we all were. but since i was in the publicity team, I'M PART OF THIS. when my junior did that, there're only two words in my head: oh shit.

ok. i have nothing to say, i had to agree that its an embarrassing mistake that i wouldn't be caught dead in but had been caught dead in. guilty as charged. and thank God someone with a heart commented on that picture, saying that its human to make mistakes and forgive them.

you know what she said?

"nonono. an event of this degree? i don't think so."

wa so yeng leh.


i hate it when i'm in dilemmas like that. things that i would normally do but now i'm on the receiving end, it felt terrible. getting a taste of your own medicine is the time everyone shuts up for good.

alright. i admit that we're very careless to commit such a simple spelling mistake. and this is a huge event so the publicity team shouldn't be so stupid. and being tired is no excuse for sloppy work. i know. but, 'to err, is only human.'

the point of this post, is just to let you know my side of the story. ever read those posts where the Hrvarad Stduies Sohw taht no mtaetr how you cnhange the spelling of words, as long as the first and the last letters are correct, your mind will fill in the blanks for you and you will still be able to comprehend the meaning?

i think that's what took place when extreme fatigue took over and we thought that we had typed the correct word in. this is not the time to blame anyone since most of the designs were changed by the printing people in one way or another. i just felt that it is extremely unfair for the publicity team to become the laughing stock because of one extremely unnoticeable spelling mistake. the powers of facebook amplified that mistake, and you succeeded, i'm embarrassed. i just want to apologize to everyone whom i laughed at in the past. i did not know what you went through yet i cockily thought that i wouldn't commit the same mistake so i thought i had the license to have fun at your expense. i thought i was superior. it is always easier for those who did not do anything to comment. at camps, it is best to be a normal camper since you can say and do whatever you want, while the committees slaved over the whole thing yet till the end they don't really have the time to have fun the way campers do. and then the campers have the gall to say that the camp sucked. have you dripped sweat and tears and blood over the thing? if you hadn't, 3 words: WATCH YOUR WORDS. and back to that unnoticeable spelling mistake. even when we were doing damage control, a lot of people passed by and wondered what we were trying to do with maneuvering the giant ladders. even after we told them that there's a spelling mistake, they still can't find it.

bystanders have the most fun commenting, eh?

words really do have the power of hurting others, and i admit i'm hurt. i'm sad that efforts go unappreciated, hard work went unnoticed, sweat and tears denied. and a single mistake, MAXIMIZE IT! TELL THE WORLD! HOW STUPID THEY ARE! heheh. fun right? RIGHT???

i am unhappy. so there!

wow. so kind.

let this be a lesson to myself:

"stop caci-ing others. the best jokes are always at your own expense."

it's extremely late now and i'm dead tired from yet another round of putting up posters and damage control which went on non-stop since 3pm till 2am. i freaking hate this event now. it is one thing to have a dream. it is another thing to make that dream come true. it's a third thing to sacrifice lives to make your dream come true. this is one too huge event that there aren't enough manpower to handle every fancy of yours. everyone is stretched to the limit. i hope you appreciate the fact that we are doing our best. and show your appreciation.

i've had a teensy glimpse of event management through this, and i really did enjoy the process. it did feel great to do things as a team. guess i need to learn a bit more of the ability to laugh things off. all the best, people. all the best.

the land of too cold.

bangkok must try:
it. is. freaking. cheap.
you know me lah. had sudden cravings for bananas!
and this crazy tshirt store!
colors never fail to fascinate me ♥
favorite phrase!
forever 21!

orchids at the airport.

my thoughts about thailand?
1. lovely shopping.
2. lovely people with amazing love for their royalty and religion
3. definitely more developed than malaysia

and no i did not went to watch any of the thai girl shows. we stayed at a boutique hotel near patpong(the red light district) and every single time we had to walk through patpong to get to the subway. countless times people approached me to introduce the 'super pussy show', and 'ping pong show', 'exotic show', and many other porn stuff lah. and the last time i met king before he left for UK, we had a simple discussion about thailand and according to him it's supposed to be the way to get to know thailand. i'm not trying to be a saint here, but if i accepted and watched the show, maybe at a mere rm2 per entrance. or even if its for free, i am contributing something to this trade. those girls, or ladyboys were trained to perform at a very young age. i've heard that some of the performers weren't even out of puberty yet. their sexual organs aren't fully developed. this might not be exactly sex trafficking, but its something close. as long as a tourist agreed to watch the show, there will be more kids in these shows. demand and supply curve, remember? please, people, there are better forms of entertainment out there. and you won't die of curiosity. don't create demand for these shows anymore. wanna put yourself in that kid's shoes?

Sep 28, 2011

cold country.

torn between doing those artistic blog posts or explaining everything about the trip in detail with anecdotes. shall do both then :)
Chiang Mai.
Ching Rai. love her hair :)
dainty dogs.
cardboard tea parties in bangkok.
actually excited when i see english.
tangled wires in desperate need of conditioner and a comb.
banana mirror
and fell in ♥ with the weird little mode of transportation we call tuk tuks.

the road less taken.
platform 3 1/4

there're many more photos to upload. i'm having fun editing all of them. so its gonna take a loooong time. be patient people. had my first dodgeball match today! serious sweat. luckily my team had some real pro guys, so i just perfected the art of standing. good job guys.


Sep 27, 2011

hot air balloons. blob blob.

taken at inti open :)
there's always that pretty team captain's girlfriend wielding a camera at those situations. teehee.

guilt. mostly guilt. that's what i'm feeling right now. no matter how i twist it, there's always the undeniable truth in my face. too many cooks spoil the broth, and i lost the trust of a friend. that's what happens, when you know the train is going out of control yet you prefer to sit idly by the emergency brakes and watch disaster happen. exciting, ain't it? the guilt weighs. a lot. a whole damn lot. is there any chance i can tie it to a bunch of black helium balloons and let them float away? anywhere, as long as its not in my heart. i mourn the loss. my loss, and your loss. most of your grief came from me. us. right? you worry, you think, your thoughts swirled, you made up stories... and you stayed away.

i really want to say this :"chill lah. don't take yourself so seriously, for no one else does."

maybe the same applies to me too. aah ... guilt please leave me.

really unable to face myself.

since when did you stoop to such lows?

since when did i let myself go?

since when you're such a... [ ]?

wait. the above sentence sounds like a song! maybe i do have that hidden potential in me after all :D

emotional burdens, i release you. piled full in a hot air balloon. good bye!

p.s: it feels good for those 'roommate-less days' to be over!


so true.

Sep 26, 2011


finally got the bunch of photos from various sources. now its all busy editing. my laptop became noticeably slower after the whole University Day gig. i downloaded so much stuff that i can feel them clogging up the laptop's arteries. sigh. this event is also the reason i haven't blogged for ages. everyday is just a blur of classes, sleep, eat, pulling all nighters doing publicity stuff, meetings, class, sleep, sleep, and more sleep just to catch up with my kidney-torturing nights. anyways, what's done's done and here's one of the posters i did:

did i mention that Mizz Nina is performing for Uni Day? that's right, she's that Malaysian singer who did 'What you Waiting For' with Colby O' Donis and 'Take Over' with Flo Rida.
go YouTube her! Uni Day's basically a huge event by the INTI-IU campus to celebrate INTI's 25th birthday. so, huge birthday bash indeed. hope that the outdoor concert won't disappoint. and no rain please. please. its been really exciting to work on this event. gave me a glimpse into future 'event-oriented' jobs too. hehe, tired but enriching few weeks.

so many ideas! here's a few stolen online:

from urbanscapes, the ultimate arts fest in malaysia:

photowalls are totally fascinating too. never really paid alot of attention to them but actually they create a lot of atmosphere at events. plus, they make photos look way better!
another unique photowall of Lonely Planet Magazine's launch in Siam Paragon thailand when i went there last month. such a clever idea, stuffing cupboard with vintage suitcases!
they look really nice in real life la, although some has commented that it looks kinda messy :(

and colorful signboards! totally can't resist them. colors add so much spirit to any photo, don't you think?
see what i mean??

although i reeaallly wanted to make badges, but i don't think its gonna happen for Uni Day. although they are really nice :( plus i'd already designed a few! guess they'll come in use some other day then. crew em'!

so, we managed to finish all of the publicity stuff last friday*whew!* and all were sent for printing, so all we can do now is sit and wait. hope our hard work pays off! so looking forward to seeing all of em printed and up! counting down 9 days to the event! admission is free so come over if you have the time:) it's open to all. bazaars, concerts, fireworks, games... so just come and enjoy yourself~

after watching the HOME video last week, i decided to try going vegetarian for one week per month. so today's my first day and the meatiest thing i had was cheese toast. i guess cheese is alright. RIGHT? hope that i can stick with this for 7 days :D meat is totally my life. i gonna miss you :( okay guys, its raining now and what do you do when it rains?

SLEEP. wheeee. goodnight people!

Sep 22, 2011

heheh, just saw a status update on facebook:

"Wikipedia: I know everything!
Google: I have everything!
Facebook: I know everybody
Internet: Without me you all nothing.
Electricity: Keep talking bitches."

anyway, our lecturer requested us to watch a movie as an assignment. the movie was called 'HOME', basically about how earth came about and how we humans are destroying it and calling people to change. consumption of meat is really one of the top reasons why the greenhouse effect took place. humans love meat, meat eating became a symbol of prosperity, there must be more and more meat to fuel the demand, so grains are grown to feed to herds, the herds don't have sufficient space to roam and eat grass anymore, so they just stand there and eat and become fat and get killed and we eat em. huge lorries are used to carry food for the animals. lorries need petrol. the machines to grow grains need petrol. growing grains need land. forests have land. forests are cleared for land. exotic animals die without anyone knowing. pesticides and fertilizers are used to grow grains. animals eat grains, we eat animals. we get weird weird diseases. we eat more and more meat. more and more resources are depleted. rivers and lakes drained to grow grains. trees not enough. land not enough. fish no time to reproduce. temperature rises. atmosphere get holes. ice caps melt. sea levels rise. cities die. we die. everyone dies.

end of story.

so basically, global warming is not something that does not concern us. without energy, we don't have electricity. without electricity, where's facebook and blogger and google+ and entertainment as we know it?

save electricity, save water, recycle paper, eat less meat.

have a nice day :D

Sep 19, 2011

listening to the tick tock tick tock

teehee. i love my lecturer. sarcasm to the max! makes all that menjengkelness worth it!

Sep 18, 2011

i miss ice cweams

(mannn Dairy Queen haz the bestest shakes and vanilla ice cweams around. DQ please please please hurry up and come to Malaysia)

deepest apologies for the lack of normal blog posts lately. no photos no nothing. busy over Uni Day stuff. INTI's celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! so huge celebrations all around. So our campus gonna do this event called University Day, with sports events, outdoor concert with local artistes, stalls, performances, fireworks....... kinda big weih! so its really fun helping with this :D

and classes resume today! first presentation of the semester: A Journalist who Inspired You.

we did something on a female war correspondent in WW II : Marguerite Higgins Hall. Really geng woman who competed with her male colleagues, braver than some, wouldn't take no for an answer, and opened the doors for female journalists in the more 'serious matters'.... and everyone else also did 'serious' and pro journalists too, such as Edward Murrow, Christiane Amanpour, Sami Al Hajj.....

then a group stepped up to present and my mouth became like this :O

guess who they chose as their 'inspiring journalist'?

whoa. i guess bloggers are also categorized as journalists since at core journalists are just people keeping 'journals' about what's going on and stuff like that. the lecturer even commented that to a certain degree he believed that cheesie might be even more 'truthful' than Raja Petra. hahah. and its the first time i saw that classmate presenting so passionately. truly someone who inspired her. in japanese fashion and stuff like that. kinda reminded me a lot of stuff hehe. good job :)

Sep 17, 2011

undelicious food at Delicious, Sunway Pyramid.

heart beating very very very very fast now. might be a combination of low sugar and extremely violent dodgeball session that caused this situation. ganjeong!

laterrrr andrew gonna leave for UK. like finally right? ahahaha. will miss that guy badly.

aih. no mood to blog la. hate that ganjeong feeling. had a nice day with peggy and naimo and miao li tho. whai so many people leaving for UK now?????? eeh. byebye peggy :'(

Sep 16, 2011

oh noes

被泰国宠坏了。 回到来,看到什么都不想买。 好事还是坏事?

Sep 14, 2011


have had a weird week so far. had its ups and downs, excitements and disappointments, hecticness and plain too much time to sleep.... weird.

but i guess the mood i'd be in would be kinda.. down. no idea why. gonna be loads of send-offs this weekend. haih. lazy to elaborate la. right now i'm kinda over logged with PS stuff to do. so staring at the screen for prolonged periods of time does me no good.

when you're down, there're plenty of things you can do (eating ice creams, jogging, sleeping, crying.. the options are endless. ) but if you, like me, can't be bothered, just surf the net and you'll find a bunch of useless stuff that are kinda cheering. for one, animal pics :D
happened upon this completely weird website called which features animals being complete jerks to each other. animals being cute and courageous? we've seen it all. but seen them being bad? i bet you didn't! hehe. its really funny to see them being kinda... human.

then, there's the always cute boo.
and this pic of a baby turtle. from a website called cuteoverload with kinda cute things. but i didn't really like cute after finding out that jerk animals website. ahahaha. but go here if you're up for cute things.
another gif of animals being jerks.

and cats, a perennial favorite of mine. youtubing 'cat videos' never get old.

another weird website of the day. this one you must visit. this japanese camerawoman takes pictures of herself jumping, which looks like levitating.
she jumps up to 300 times to get the perfect shot!

one last piece of weirdness for the weekend:

happy Malaysia Day!

babi just realized that those gifs dont work. all the more reason for you to visit that website then ahahahahha. good night :D