Aug 10, 2011


its kinda shocking when i checked out the number of my blog posts for July (27 posts) compared with August (2 posts). 2 posts!!!!!! how on earth i managed to be so 'diligent' in updating my blog last month then completely let myself go this month????!!

just.. not up to facing the laptop during breaks. so just to waste more bandwidth, here's a very short post about the shah alam library hehe.

here's the map:
if you don't understand it, it's okay.hahah. the website's instructions are more coherent. or find me, i'll bring you there. it's near the Sultan Aziz Golf Club, which's rather isolated. and you get the feeling that the library's in the middle of a jungle. really 'natural'. and there's a sort of lake by the library too! so pretty! you feel healthier with all the fresh air :D

here's the interior:
this is the ground floor. full of places for people to laze around and take pictures of each other on the couches. its the 'study area' i guess. no books on this floor. the library haz 5 floors in total. the they're categorized by subjects. lots of cool furniture and nice hardware. Macs and normal PCs, gym, 3D movie room, 6D room.. etc etc. i didn't take pictures of all those stuff though. go check it out yourself. its kinda fun. the 6D thingy is free of charge. nice ride :D

what else you'd be doing in a library?

funny carpeting.
everyone gets a blue nylon bag to hold their shoes and everyone goes barefoot in the rooms to maintain the hygiene. i personally don't think that this will work in the long run. but at least its a try. its pretty obvious that they spent a lot on the hardware of the place. there's even a kids garden with really cool doggy seats and beanie bags and lots of books for the kids to play with. and there're these really cool lcd projectors which projects images of an aquarium on the floor. so when you 'stepped' in the 'pond', there will be ripples where you stepped. or a football field where the ball will react to your 'kicks' ! kinda fun. but don't know how long these things will last lah. i'm being cynical here, but i really really hope that this time the public library will be able to maintain its' facilities well. oh yes. another thing of note is the elevators with sensors. they remain stationary until someone stepped on the platform, then it will start working. kinda 'environmentally friendly' huh?

but there're three things that the library should improve on.

firstly, there's not enough parking.

secondly, there aren't any 'shelters' for people to walk to the building. when i went there with miao yesterday, it was raining and we got soaked cause there's no sheltered pathway. even Tesco and Giant have em'.

thirdly, the library needs to expand its book collection. seriously. quite a lot of the shelves remain empty. its kinda sad. then some of the book series aren't complete too. imagine reading the adventure series halfway then you find out that the other books in the series aren't available. its not even borrowed out or whatever. the library didn't have them in the first place. potong steam lah!

[ppas, if you're reading this, i'll be more than happy to be your book buyer :DD ]

on a completely unrelated note. here's the burnt baked eggs in bread bowls i made the other day: click here for the original recipe. its from noble pig. this black one is mine.
this one is noble pig's. obviously i don't possess the same culinary skills as my sister. or my brother, for the record. very mempersiasuikan lah. seems like i'll have to find other, higher pursuits in life.

that day me and grace were making marshmallow milkshakes together and i was toasting the marshmallows. suddenly they caught fire and i accidentally knocked over a can of chocolate powder in the process and grace exclaimed something that hurt me:"AIYOH! we seriously kennot live together like this lah!" (for those who don't know what's going on, we had a pact to live in a 'spinster' condominium to a ripe old age with cats and dogs.)

sad lah. even my sister don't want to live with me now. i shall die all alone. emo.

to cheer myself up:
I finally managed to paint the nude shade on my nails successfully! can't stop admiring them :D

okay we've reached the end of this completely pointless post. i shall try to take more pictures of the really cool library the next time i go there to return the books. in the meantime i'll be reading every waking moment so don't expect me to be on facebook so much yea.

also: go there for yourself lah! reading iz important!

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