Aug 21, 2011


sigh. just let this blog die. or maybe faint. classes gonna start tomorrow. nononono mood. so i shall try to cheer myself up by blogging about my recent 'interest' eheh.

guys, if you want to learn how to chase girls and have too much free time on your hands go watch this Korean reality show called 'We Got Married', or WGM.

The show basically pairs up random Korean artistes and makes them go through a virtual marriage, with the whole works (oklah not really have kids la) such as having wedding photoshoot, and missions to accomplish every week, or have a home for both to stay in, and a joint bank account..... stuff like that. These stuff were designed to improve their relationship with each other. some have met each other before, some were new friends... and they stay 'married' for one year. Usually there will be a honeymoon for them. maimai intro-ed me to the first season last year, and i got too lazy to download the other episodes, so i forgot all about it. until this year i managed to get season 2 from another friend. teehee. sem break spent fruitfully indeed.
this couple is made up of Yonghwa from cnblue(i think he appeared in Dream High) and SeoHyun from Girl's Generation. One of their mission is to write a song and upload the video on Youtube. They even met each other's parents! Although its kinda pointless, but you also get a lot of trivia about those artistes from the show. for example, i don't think anyone else i met had the same passion for sweet potatoes as Seohyun that Yonghwa bought her two rows of potato field as her birthday present! apart from trivia there are also glimpses into the life of Korean celebrities. lately there has been controversy over Han Ye-Seul's decision to drop out in the middle of the production of a television series. I've heard of stories where they say most Korean celebrities don't earn much or have very poor working conditions. I for one would totally break down over a 6 day a week with 2 hours of sleep per day. how they manage it i have no idea.

so sometimes they would mention their private lives and stuff like that and Yonghwa's band CNBlue used to stay in the cramped living room of their manager's house! how sad iz that. life in the entertainment industry is like that i guess.

here's when he taught her how to snowboard during another mission.

um, here's nickhun of 2pm and victoria from f(x). he's thai and she's chinese (never knew thai guys can be so hot lol). the 'International Couple'.
this was taken during one of their random 'trips'. he took the longest time to pitch that tent. eeh. not hot liao. then after he finished pitching that tent he lay down and watched his 'wife' cooking even when he knew that she was mad and didn't want to help her cook. very weird couple, this one. seem to be very happy when they're fighting.

and this, is my favorite couple:
on an 'ambassador trip' to Hong Kong. they performed as representatives of Korea and WGM.
it's Jokwon from 2am and Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls! (lol i learnt a lot about the Korean pop scene after i watched this series. before this i had no idea who's 2pm or 2am or stuff like that)anyway, at the beginning i disliked this couple cause they don't seem very 'tall or cool' and the guy seemed rather overeager ahaha, but after awhile i realized that they were really cute. in this couple, its very obvious that the guy is younger but he tries really hard to please her. there's this one episode when they went bungee jumping together then she had to rely on him and stuff like that. most of the time it seemed as though only the guy is making the effort but actually she cares for him too. aah its a bit difficult to describe the show here. just go watch it for yourself la. there're a lot of funny and creative stuff they did too.

just go watch it if you have the free time. you seriously learn a lot skills in how to 'tam lui'. or ideas in activities to do if you're in a relationship hehe.

p.s: and if you somehow have the full season, please give it to meeeeee! tenkew :P

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