Aug 3, 2011


aagh. wanted to let this blog die(at least faint) and not post anything for the whole week. but since chiyan says that i'm her last hope, i shall post some rubbish here first. as mentioned in the previous post, we went to Janda Baik! whee wang wang. set off early in the morning. i didn't sleep the whole night at all due to those rashes bent on getting revenge. i got a slight glimpse into the lives of those people driven crazy by insomnia or some other sickness. the feeling of being kinda 'all alone' with everyone else snoring happily away, and you alone with whatever is keeping you awake, staring into the darkness, waiting for daylight to come. which seems like it will never arrive....... sigh. i hope i wont have to go through that again :(

anyways. dawn arrived pretty early and grace slathered me with tiger balm to stave off some of the itchiness. poor bro and wai yee have to endure the carful of tiger balm smell. its power is kinda near to durian's scent. except this is way not-so-pleasant.

see? i don't think rachel's camera did my skin justice. its way redder and scarier in real life.
first stop: bentong for breakfast! had famous wan-tan mee and yong tau foo to complement the meal. its kinda cheap too! we were choosing the stuff happily and at the same time worrying whether the rm12 i had in my wallet would be enough to pay for it, i forgot rural food prices and when the lady told me its rm5 for the plate above, i almost dropped my money in shock.

the wantan mee arrived! grace and her soup version. very healthy indeed.
close up.
crispy fried dumplings with rachel in the background~
mine's here! roast pork cravings fulfilled. those chicken versions of char siew served at inti's cafeteria did it no justice at all >:(

obligatory pose with food. here's when the weirdest thing happened. (i forgot to mention that we were on this trip with the youth leaders to check out potential campsites for our youth camp this december.)

so we were there eating happily, and rachel was seated facing the restaurant entrance. suddenly her eyes went all big and round and she went:" IS THAT YOUR DAD?!"

i was kinda shocked when i stared out at the innova just parked nicely there and dad was driving that car! so i just ran out and stood there smiling like an idiot.

finally dad spotted me and his expression was like :O. LOL. what a crazy coincidence to meet up with dad so far away from home at the exact same restaurant. he went there with a bunch of his friends. nice to meet you, dad. nice to meet you. :D

after all the excitement died down (forgot to take a pic of dad!) we resumed eating and drinking. couldn't resist posting this picture of grace. she looked so cute! ahahaha

back on the road for Janda Baik after the nice meal. we entered this narrow rough road which stretched on for 2.5 kilometers. i think those cars' alignments gonna need some adjusting. progress was slow and excruciating.

the campsite was kinda cute though. a few dogs that looked questionably like golden retrievers were running along after our cars, panting and grinning. cute things.

apart from that? we were planning to take photos and video the place for promotional purposes. finally me and aaron decided not to take any pictures of the camp site at all. if we did, no one would be interested in coming for the camp. like seriously HAHAHA.

i was midway scratching my leg when rachel took this photo. so ignore my fisherman impersonation.
this is my favorite place of the camp-------- the river! okay not river. don't know what to call it. waterfall? stream?

we promptly started on our activites. kanglim was reliving his childhood, building dams and 'changing the flow'. seems like hard work.

artistic attempt of a huge log with the macro mode. i've heard that snakes lurk under the bark of these rotten logs. eeeee.
rachel and grace freezing away in the water. grace told me she is kinda phobic of water. @@
artistic attempt no.2 with aaron in the background.
artistic attempt no. 3 of moss on a rock.

after that we also visited the hot springs. its also a disappointment. very dilapidated and laid to waste. mosses growing everywhere and the water looked very disgusting. there were two separate pools. one for bathing and one that has steam rising from it, very slowly. no joke. looks like some scene out of a graveyard. it also reminded me of this:

I guess that 's all for today. sorry for this half-hearted post. grace is rushing to go to the library and i gotta go now. see u guys soon. :D

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