Aug 14, 2011

ding ding

countdown: exactly 7 more days till i resume my life of being an unhealthy university student. not really looking forward to that. i so don't want to leave home now. seriously the older i get the more i miss home. and i miss my friends too. guys, please don't go back to your respective countries to fast can anot???


(the "V" key and the Spacebar and the < arrow key is acting up. that day the sistas knocked my laptop off the bed when they're wrestling. keys please survive please please please. else my wallet wouldn't.)

tired after a long long day and a long long weekend. =started the day early with lesson, cell, Sunday service, lunch, meeting, charity carnival, ikea, and one u for dinner and haagen daazs! but very bad ending with the news of Lee Chong Wei's defeat at the World Championships. hang in there yo! we Malaysians will continue to support you! allll the best!

looking forward to a lovely week ahead. may life be rosy always.

nighties :D

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