Aug 22, 2011

all packed up and ready to go!

not sure if you can read the above thing. but its a simple status that i was tagged in by raven. before this i had always wondered on how facebook can be used for the 'better good'. they say all these social networks are to 'bring people closer together', but somehow i never really bought that line. just another advertising gimmick. but everyday we hungrily log into facebook and try to update ourselves with what is happening in others' lives and try to let others know what is going on in our lives and try to get a sense of satisfaction with these.... interactions. or relationships. or friendships. or whatever you want to call it. humans crave for friendships and maybe facebook provided that. but most of the time we go hungry, our thirst for friendships never really fulfilled by a few 'likes' and 'comments'. nothing ever really beats the connection that being face-to-face brings us.

anyway, when i stupidly copied and pasted raven's status on mine, i didn't really know what would happen. at first its just with a thought of 'practicing my writing skills', but then some kinda random people came and 'liked' the thing. i was surprised and it forced me to think about people that i never brought myself to think about. it woke me up to how selfish i had been, how narrow. the question 'what job can i imagine you doing' was enough. how many times i planned my own future, my own life, my own job, never thinking about others, their aspirations, their dreams, their hopes? (ok don't get me wrong i don't mean to dominate your life and plan it for you) what i meant is, when's the last time you took the time and effort to get to know the dreams of someone that's always around you? most of the time, it's me, Me, ME. now this question is all about the 'YOU', which made it wayyy harder for me. of course, there were some i cared about deeply, and some really random people that i hadn't talked to in quite awhile, or some that i forgot their real names, and some that i would like to get to know better.

i complained awhile to sandra, and she pointed out something,''so you guys got closer after this.... right?"

in a way, it's true!

and others starting returning the favor.

on the surface, its a fun thing.

fun to read, fun to write.

but to some extent, i really felt that i got to know those people (at least 39 of them) a little bit better.

a teeeeeensy bit, i know,

but seriously, any improvement IS improvement.

so, i'm happy to get to know you guys a bit more!

hope to improve the 'how close are we' score soon :D

it's currently 3:30am and i don't dare to go to sleep. we leave for the airport at 4a.m. so i guess staying up and updating my blog and finishing up a few other business is as good as any. do any of you feel worse after sleeping like me? i hope i'm not the only one.

spot the purple and blue scarf from cambodia yo! thanks for the gift, it's my first present from a fan lol. alrighties dad is awake now. mornin'.

have a great Raya, Malaysians :)

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