Aug 22, 2011

all packed up and ready to go!

not sure if you can read the above thing. but its a simple status that i was tagged in by raven. before this i had always wondered on how facebook can be used for the 'better good'. they say all these social networks are to 'bring people closer together', but somehow i never really bought that line. just another advertising gimmick. but everyday we hungrily log into facebook and try to update ourselves with what is happening in others' lives and try to let others know what is going on in our lives and try to get a sense of satisfaction with these.... interactions. or relationships. or friendships. or whatever you want to call it. humans crave for friendships and maybe facebook provided that. but most of the time we go hungry, our thirst for friendships never really fulfilled by a few 'likes' and 'comments'. nothing ever really beats the connection that being face-to-face brings us.

anyway, when i stupidly copied and pasted raven's status on mine, i didn't really know what would happen. at first its just with a thought of 'practicing my writing skills', but then some kinda random people came and 'liked' the thing. i was surprised and it forced me to think about people that i never brought myself to think about. it woke me up to how selfish i had been, how narrow. the question 'what job can i imagine you doing' was enough. how many times i planned my own future, my own life, my own job, never thinking about others, their aspirations, their dreams, their hopes? (ok don't get me wrong i don't mean to dominate your life and plan it for you) what i meant is, when's the last time you took the time and effort to get to know the dreams of someone that's always around you? most of the time, it's me, Me, ME. now this question is all about the 'YOU', which made it wayyy harder for me. of course, there were some i cared about deeply, and some really random people that i hadn't talked to in quite awhile, or some that i forgot their real names, and some that i would like to get to know better.

i complained awhile to sandra, and she pointed out something,''so you guys got closer after this.... right?"

in a way, it's true!

and others starting returning the favor.

on the surface, its a fun thing.

fun to read, fun to write.

but to some extent, i really felt that i got to know those people (at least 39 of them) a little bit better.

a teeeeeensy bit, i know,

but seriously, any improvement IS improvement.

so, i'm happy to get to know you guys a bit more!

hope to improve the 'how close are we' score soon :D

it's currently 3:30am and i don't dare to go to sleep. we leave for the airport at 4a.m. so i guess staying up and updating my blog and finishing up a few other business is as good as any. do any of you feel worse after sleeping like me? i hope i'm not the only one.

spot the purple and blue scarf from cambodia yo! thanks for the gift, it's my first present from a fan lol. alrighties dad is awake now. mornin'.

have a great Raya, Malaysians :)

Aug 21, 2011


funny how i always end up alone at mcdonald's bashing out a post. it must be my source of inspiration! (how sad. having mcd as your source of inspiration. whatever lah, inspirations come in all sizes and packages)

just finished 2 pages of translating, 28 more pages to go. this iz hard work. with so much chinese terms somemore. shall resume once i get back to inti.

its been 3 weeks since i went back. felt rather 'removed' from that place liao. alien. strange. whatever you like to name it. we shall see whether i can jump right back into the life there. its going to be different anyhow. so many friends not there anymore.


time to get serious 噢yea. 巴士到了!


sigh. just let this blog die. or maybe faint. classes gonna start tomorrow. nononono mood. so i shall try to cheer myself up by blogging about my recent 'interest' eheh.

guys, if you want to learn how to chase girls and have too much free time on your hands go watch this Korean reality show called 'We Got Married', or WGM.

The show basically pairs up random Korean artistes and makes them go through a virtual marriage, with the whole works (oklah not really have kids la) such as having wedding photoshoot, and missions to accomplish every week, or have a home for both to stay in, and a joint bank account..... stuff like that. These stuff were designed to improve their relationship with each other. some have met each other before, some were new friends... and they stay 'married' for one year. Usually there will be a honeymoon for them. maimai intro-ed me to the first season last year, and i got too lazy to download the other episodes, so i forgot all about it. until this year i managed to get season 2 from another friend. teehee. sem break spent fruitfully indeed.
this couple is made up of Yonghwa from cnblue(i think he appeared in Dream High) and SeoHyun from Girl's Generation. One of their mission is to write a song and upload the video on Youtube. They even met each other's parents! Although its kinda pointless, but you also get a lot of trivia about those artistes from the show. for example, i don't think anyone else i met had the same passion for sweet potatoes as Seohyun that Yonghwa bought her two rows of potato field as her birthday present! apart from trivia there are also glimpses into the life of Korean celebrities. lately there has been controversy over Han Ye-Seul's decision to drop out in the middle of the production of a television series. I've heard of stories where they say most Korean celebrities don't earn much or have very poor working conditions. I for one would totally break down over a 6 day a week with 2 hours of sleep per day. how they manage it i have no idea.

so sometimes they would mention their private lives and stuff like that and Yonghwa's band CNBlue used to stay in the cramped living room of their manager's house! how sad iz that. life in the entertainment industry is like that i guess.

here's when he taught her how to snowboard during another mission.

um, here's nickhun of 2pm and victoria from f(x). he's thai and she's chinese (never knew thai guys can be so hot lol). the 'International Couple'.
this was taken during one of their random 'trips'. he took the longest time to pitch that tent. eeh. not hot liao. then after he finished pitching that tent he lay down and watched his 'wife' cooking even when he knew that she was mad and didn't want to help her cook. very weird couple, this one. seem to be very happy when they're fighting.

and this, is my favorite couple:
on an 'ambassador trip' to Hong Kong. they performed as representatives of Korea and WGM.
it's Jokwon from 2am and Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls! (lol i learnt a lot about the Korean pop scene after i watched this series. before this i had no idea who's 2pm or 2am or stuff like that)anyway, at the beginning i disliked this couple cause they don't seem very 'tall or cool' and the guy seemed rather overeager ahaha, but after awhile i realized that they were really cute. in this couple, its very obvious that the guy is younger but he tries really hard to please her. there's this one episode when they went bungee jumping together then she had to rely on him and stuff like that. most of the time it seemed as though only the guy is making the effort but actually she cares for him too. aah its a bit difficult to describe the show here. just go watch it for yourself la. there're a lot of funny and creative stuff they did too.

just go watch it if you have the free time. you seriously learn a lot skills in how to 'tam lui'. or ideas in activities to do if you're in a relationship hehe.

p.s: and if you somehow have the full season, please give it to meeeeee! tenkew :P

Aug 14, 2011

ding ding

countdown: exactly 7 more days till i resume my life of being an unhealthy university student. not really looking forward to that. i so don't want to leave home now. seriously the older i get the more i miss home. and i miss my friends too. guys, please don't go back to your respective countries to fast can anot???


(the "V" key and the Spacebar and the < arrow key is acting up. that day the sistas knocked my laptop off the bed when they're wrestling. keys please survive please please please. else my wallet wouldn't.)

tired after a long long day and a long long weekend. =started the day early with lesson, cell, Sunday service, lunch, meeting, charity carnival, ikea, and one u for dinner and haagen daazs! but very bad ending with the news of Lee Chong Wei's defeat at the World Championships. hang in there yo! we Malaysians will continue to support you! allll the best!

looking forward to a lovely week ahead. may life be rosy always.

nighties :D

Aug 11, 2011

recent thoughts.

okaylah. i'm not quite ready to really share my thoughts here.
so its just one particular conclusion:

送别人礼物是一件很yamzat的事 :)

I'm afraid of 21 out of 74 common fears! D:

Got Tagged. Here Goes:

If you get more than 30, I strongly recommend some counseling. If you get more than 20, you're paranoid. If you get 11-20, you are normal. If you get 10 or less, you're fearless. People who don't have any are FULL OF CRAP. Tag 20 of your friends and find out whether or not they suffer paranoia.

I fear ...

[] black people

[] the dark

[] staying single forever

[x] being a parent

[] being in front of others (like public speaking..)

[] open spaces

[] closed spaces

[x] heights

[] dogs

[] birds

[] fish

[x] spiders

[] flowers or other plants

Total so far: 3


[] deep water

[x] snakes

[] silk

[] the ocean

[x] failure

[] success

[] thunder/lightning

[] frogs/toads

[] my boyfriends/girlfriends dad

[x] my boyfriends/girlfriends mom

[x] rats

[x] jumping from high places

[] snow

Total so far: 6

[] rain

[] wind

[] crossing hanging bridges

[] death

[] heaven

[x] being robbed/mugged/raped

[x] falling

[] clowns

[] dolls

[] large crowds of people

[] men

[] women

[x] having great responsibilities/ being subject to major commitments

[] doctors

[x] dentists

[] tornadoes

Total so far: 4

[] hurricanes

[x] incurable diseases

[] sharks

[] Friday the 13th

[x] ghosts

[x] poverty

[] Halloween

[] school

[] trains

[] odd numbers

[] even numbers

[] being alone

[x] becoming blind

[x] becoming deaf

[x] growing up, becoming old

[] getting your heart broken

[] fairies/Edward Cullen

[x] creepy noises in the night

[x] not accomplishing my dreams/goal

[] needles

[] blood

Total: 8

Now Re-Post with title: “I'm afraid of __ out of 74 common fears" and tag people to see what they got!!! (again, i shall tag whoever reads this. teehee.)

WOW. can't believe that i would be in the 'paranoid' category. was hoping that i'd end up in the 'fearless' or 'full of crap' category. but the list didn't include stuff like insects or labels. not really complete i guess.


i see.

Aug 10, 2011


its kinda shocking when i checked out the number of my blog posts for July (27 posts) compared with August (2 posts). 2 posts!!!!!! how on earth i managed to be so 'diligent' in updating my blog last month then completely let myself go this month????!!

just.. not up to facing the laptop during breaks. so just to waste more bandwidth, here's a very short post about the shah alam library hehe.

here's the map:
if you don't understand it, it's okay.hahah. the website's instructions are more coherent. or find me, i'll bring you there. it's near the Sultan Aziz Golf Club, which's rather isolated. and you get the feeling that the library's in the middle of a jungle. really 'natural'. and there's a sort of lake by the library too! so pretty! you feel healthier with all the fresh air :D

here's the interior:
this is the ground floor. full of places for people to laze around and take pictures of each other on the couches. its the 'study area' i guess. no books on this floor. the library haz 5 floors in total. the they're categorized by subjects. lots of cool furniture and nice hardware. Macs and normal PCs, gym, 3D movie room, 6D room.. etc etc. i didn't take pictures of all those stuff though. go check it out yourself. its kinda fun. the 6D thingy is free of charge. nice ride :D

what else you'd be doing in a library?

funny carpeting.
everyone gets a blue nylon bag to hold their shoes and everyone goes barefoot in the rooms to maintain the hygiene. i personally don't think that this will work in the long run. but at least its a try. its pretty obvious that they spent a lot on the hardware of the place. there's even a kids garden with really cool doggy seats and beanie bags and lots of books for the kids to play with. and there're these really cool lcd projectors which projects images of an aquarium on the floor. so when you 'stepped' in the 'pond', there will be ripples where you stepped. or a football field where the ball will react to your 'kicks' ! kinda fun. but don't know how long these things will last lah. i'm being cynical here, but i really really hope that this time the public library will be able to maintain its' facilities well. oh yes. another thing of note is the elevators with sensors. they remain stationary until someone stepped on the platform, then it will start working. kinda 'environmentally friendly' huh?

but there're three things that the library should improve on.

firstly, there's not enough parking.

secondly, there aren't any 'shelters' for people to walk to the building. when i went there with miao yesterday, it was raining and we got soaked cause there's no sheltered pathway. even Tesco and Giant have em'.

thirdly, the library needs to expand its book collection. seriously. quite a lot of the shelves remain empty. its kinda sad. then some of the book series aren't complete too. imagine reading the adventure series halfway then you find out that the other books in the series aren't available. its not even borrowed out or whatever. the library didn't have them in the first place. potong steam lah!

[ppas, if you're reading this, i'll be more than happy to be your book buyer :DD ]

on a completely unrelated note. here's the burnt baked eggs in bread bowls i made the other day: click here for the original recipe. its from noble pig. this black one is mine.
this one is noble pig's. obviously i don't possess the same culinary skills as my sister. or my brother, for the record. very mempersiasuikan lah. seems like i'll have to find other, higher pursuits in life.

that day me and grace were making marshmallow milkshakes together and i was toasting the marshmallows. suddenly they caught fire and i accidentally knocked over a can of chocolate powder in the process and grace exclaimed something that hurt me:"AIYOH! we seriously kennot live together like this lah!" (for those who don't know what's going on, we had a pact to live in a 'spinster' condominium to a ripe old age with cats and dogs.)

sad lah. even my sister don't want to live with me now. i shall die all alone. emo.

to cheer myself up:
I finally managed to paint the nude shade on my nails successfully! can't stop admiring them :D

okay we've reached the end of this completely pointless post. i shall try to take more pictures of the really cool library the next time i go there to return the books. in the meantime i'll be reading every waking moment so don't expect me to be on facebook so much yea.

also: go there for yourself lah! reading iz important!

there's nothing better than waking up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning, then seeing this:

have fun in US with all your pops n ice creams and bikini girls! will wait till u get back :D

Aug 3, 2011


aagh. wanted to let this blog die(at least faint) and not post anything for the whole week. but since chiyan says that i'm her last hope, i shall post some rubbish here first. as mentioned in the previous post, we went to Janda Baik! whee wang wang. set off early in the morning. i didn't sleep the whole night at all due to those rashes bent on getting revenge. i got a slight glimpse into the lives of those people driven crazy by insomnia or some other sickness. the feeling of being kinda 'all alone' with everyone else snoring happily away, and you alone with whatever is keeping you awake, staring into the darkness, waiting for daylight to come. which seems like it will never arrive....... sigh. i hope i wont have to go through that again :(

anyways. dawn arrived pretty early and grace slathered me with tiger balm to stave off some of the itchiness. poor bro and wai yee have to endure the carful of tiger balm smell. its power is kinda near to durian's scent. except this is way not-so-pleasant.

see? i don't think rachel's camera did my skin justice. its way redder and scarier in real life.
first stop: bentong for breakfast! had famous wan-tan mee and yong tau foo to complement the meal. its kinda cheap too! we were choosing the stuff happily and at the same time worrying whether the rm12 i had in my wallet would be enough to pay for it, i forgot rural food prices and when the lady told me its rm5 for the plate above, i almost dropped my money in shock.

the wantan mee arrived! grace and her soup version. very healthy indeed.
close up.
crispy fried dumplings with rachel in the background~
mine's here! roast pork cravings fulfilled. those chicken versions of char siew served at inti's cafeteria did it no justice at all >:(

obligatory pose with food. here's when the weirdest thing happened. (i forgot to mention that we were on this trip with the youth leaders to check out potential campsites for our youth camp this december.)

so we were there eating happily, and rachel was seated facing the restaurant entrance. suddenly her eyes went all big and round and she went:" IS THAT YOUR DAD?!"

i was kinda shocked when i stared out at the innova just parked nicely there and dad was driving that car! so i just ran out and stood there smiling like an idiot.

finally dad spotted me and his expression was like :O. LOL. what a crazy coincidence to meet up with dad so far away from home at the exact same restaurant. he went there with a bunch of his friends. nice to meet you, dad. nice to meet you. :D

after all the excitement died down (forgot to take a pic of dad!) we resumed eating and drinking. couldn't resist posting this picture of grace. she looked so cute! ahahaha

back on the road for Janda Baik after the nice meal. we entered this narrow rough road which stretched on for 2.5 kilometers. i think those cars' alignments gonna need some adjusting. progress was slow and excruciating.

the campsite was kinda cute though. a few dogs that looked questionably like golden retrievers were running along after our cars, panting and grinning. cute things.

apart from that? we were planning to take photos and video the place for promotional purposes. finally me and aaron decided not to take any pictures of the camp site at all. if we did, no one would be interested in coming for the camp. like seriously HAHAHA.

i was midway scratching my leg when rachel took this photo. so ignore my fisherman impersonation.
this is my favorite place of the camp-------- the river! okay not river. don't know what to call it. waterfall? stream?

we promptly started on our activites. kanglim was reliving his childhood, building dams and 'changing the flow'. seems like hard work.

artistic attempt of a huge log with the macro mode. i've heard that snakes lurk under the bark of these rotten logs. eeeee.
rachel and grace freezing away in the water. grace told me she is kinda phobic of water. @@
artistic attempt no.2 with aaron in the background.
artistic attempt no. 3 of moss on a rock.

after that we also visited the hot springs. its also a disappointment. very dilapidated and laid to waste. mosses growing everywhere and the water looked very disgusting. there were two separate pools. one for bathing and one that has steam rising from it, very slowly. no joke. looks like some scene out of a graveyard. it also reminded me of this:

I guess that 's all for today. sorry for this half-hearted post. grace is rushing to go to the library and i gotta go now. see u guys soon. :D