Jul 13, 2011

so someone is 19 today!

listening to band songs now. for the longest time i refused to go near them, lest attacks of nostalgia swoop in by waves, and leaving me powerless in their wake. last sunday attended pin hwa's joint concert with a taiwan high school band called zhonJustify Fullg zheng. met up with a few old band mates and even mr. nonami was there. they performed titanic, the only real solo that i had a chance to play. felt like my heart was about to burst. unexpectedly found out that a friend in inti was from catholic high school and he played saxophone too! good to have someone for 'band talks' again.

so, i got out my ancient mp3 last night and started listening to them once again. old habits die hard, fingers move in familiar notes and instinctively know when to soar, when to calm. songs like oregon, alvamar overture, titanic medley, the magnificent seven, jericho, noah's ark, die fledermaus, mononoke, prof. alex, phantom of the opera......(basically listing out the songs that played as i typed this entry) just............................................make my heart soar :)

when i know my part, i also remember certain parts that dear friends play, their solos, their harmonies, their counter-melodies... ... basically, listening to songs that you once played is just plain sadistic.... eeh type so much until forgot the point of this post liao..

alrighties the main point is that i took the effort to go to blogger, sign in, and exercise my sprained fingers totally show my sincerity:


ok so you're 19 now, be a good boy, grow tall and handsome, stay healthy, stop fml-ing, improve your flute skills, enjoy life at Taylor's, and remember the important things in life yea?

sang yat fai lok~!

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