Jul 13, 2011

owh, man.

i think i'm totally doomed. the internet provides wayyy too much seduction for us gullible consumers. just found this really cool nail polish website offering the most gorgeous shades. although once upon a time i like to think of myself as an au-naturel person who prefers to go without all those 'fake' beauty products, but now i've gone over to the dark side without realizing it and look!

a lovely sable brown nail polish!
and creamy moss green!
mustard yellow #bersih and deep turquoise!
deep burgundy! subtle dove grey!

these nail polishes come with names too! the first sable brown one is called vera, the lovely olive creamy green is named selena, yellow's stella, burgundy's keira, dove gray's annette, but i especially loved the dark turquoise one: jaime. so so so so nice! this sounds kinda wrong but i think the name is just so suitable for it! aaaagh those 'names' are just another ploy cooked up by the profit makers power players above and i'm so falling for it! ever since i've read a book where the protagonist is a petite girl with high aspirations and loves to 'end her meetings with a few choice clatters' *meaning her nails* i've been unable to get that quote out of my mind. i have very short nails as a result of a nail chewing childhood so i'm reaaally happy to have nice long normal looking nails with beautiful shades of colors on them. i'm easily distracted by those pretty colors but they make me smile :) very short-lived happiness though. a few frisbee throws or a round on the bass guitar later, chipped nails rear their ugly heads and my lovely claws become flawed :(

and if my nails are long, no way i can play guitar, type, open cans of coke, or use my bb well. are lovely nails only for tai-tais who can afford maids to open Coke for em'?

don't care lah.
oooh look! midnight blue and hot fuchsia! whoaaa...

this iz an addiction that has to be stopped. fast.

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